Did they survive in the Italian Job?

The mystery of The Italian Job’s cliff-hanger has been resolved after almost 40 years by Sir Michael Caine. The 1969 film ends with a gang of gold thieves hanging over a ravine in a bus. Every step they take towards the loot threatens to tip them into the abyss.

Was The Italian Job successful?

On its original box office run, its receipts were said to be just shy of $10 million. The film was a big success, although it struggled to hit in America. In fact, it failed to do so, instead garnering its sizeable support primarily in the UK, and across Europe.

How dies The Italian Job end?

The final escape from Turin was filmed on the road to Ceresole Reale via Lago Agnel and Nivolet Pass (the highway does not lead to France or Switzerland because it is a dead end). The bus was left hanging off this corner in the climactic ending.

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Did they destroy real cars in the Italian Job?

In 1969, a film called The Italian Job was shown in theaters. If you’re a fan of Italian cars, it had one of the greatest opening sequences in cinematic history. … Thankfully, the car wasn’t really destroyed. The filmmakers weren’t daft enough to destroy an actual Miura.

What happened to the coach in the Italian Job?

After its epic use in the film ALR did go back to being a coach and was scrapped about 1990 after being in service with several operators, mainly in the Scotland area. The coach had to be reinforced behind the drivers seat so that when the Coopers came into the back they didn’t crush the driver.

Was the Italian job a flop?

Sadly although The Italian Job quickly established itself as a British classic – and also did well in Commonwealth countries – it was something of a flop in the US on first release. Therefore the money and the option for a sequel was never taken up.

Did they lose the gold in the Italian Job?

Peter Collinson’s picture wraps up with a literal hanging ending, as the getaway coach is balanced precariously on the edge of a cliff. The gang is at one end and the gold is at the other.

Why wasnt there an Italian Job 2?

The follow-up movie was never filmed, however. … It is believed that the lack of sequel to The Italian Job was because of its poor reviews and performance in the US. However, Deeley said that this bad performance was partly because of a poster used to advertise the movie across the Atlantic.

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Is there an Italian Job 2 movie?

While The Italian Job’s unresolved ending has helped cement its place in movie history, Michael Deeley is still disappointed a sequel was never made. “I was always very happy with the idea that we would make another film but it just didn’t happen,” he said.

Is Shaw from The Italian Job?

Seems like a weird fit for Shaw, right? Well, he says it’s from “a job I pulled in Italy.” Yep, that is a nod to Statham’s 2003 heist film The Italian Job, which also starred Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, Edward Norton, and a lot of Mini Coopers.

Did they really destroy the Aston Martin in The Italian Job?

We were up a mountain and had to film the three cars being wrecked and thrown over the cliff. So, the Aston Martin was supposed to be thrown over and explode as it went down. Unfortunately, the special effects went off before it was thrown over the cliff and it blew up in front of us.

What cars were used in the original Italian Job?


  • 1967 Austin Mini Cooper S.
  • 1962 Aston Martin DB4.
  • 1964 Bedford bus, 1963.
  • Alfa Romeo Giulia TI.
  • 1967 Fiat 124 coupe.
  • 1950 Moto Guzzi Falcone.
  • 1959 Ford Thames van.
  • 1967 Lamborghini Miura.

Did the minis modify the Italian Job?

The Italian Job Replica Film Minis. Here is Gareth’s first Mini in original factory colour had already been modified with SuperLite wheels, black vinyl roof, wood & pickett seats and dash board with a nicely tuned 1070 S engine.

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How much gold was stolen in the Italian Job?

Plot. John Bridger, a professional safecracker, has assembled a team to steal $35 million worth of gold bullion from a safe in Venice, held by Italian gangsters who had stolen it weeks earlier.

How many minis were destroyed in the Italian Job?

The fourteen Minis used for filming were all destroyed in 1968, but many replicas have been made.

Where was the mountain scene in The Italian Job filmed?

‘ This scene was shot outside the Gran Madre di Dio in central Turin.

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