How do I get an Italian SPID?

ONLINE. You can register directly on the site and request SPID online, through a mobile phone certified at Poste Italiane or a Bancoposta reader.

How do I get a SPID ID in Italy?

How do I register for SPID? When you have all the necessary documents, go to the AGID’s (Agency for Digital Italy) website dedicated to SPID and start the procedure by clicking on “Request SPID” at the top. You will be asked to choose from several authorized identity providers and to register on their site.

How do I get an Italian ID card?

An Identity Card is a personal recognition document that is valid in Italy. Foreign Nationals and stateless persons who are resident in Italy can apply for an Identity Card by going to the Registry Office in the Comune where they are resident.

What is Italian SPID?

SPID (Public System for Digital Identity) is the solution that allows the Italian citizens to access all online services of the Public Administration with a single Digital Identity (username and password) that can be used from computers, tablets and smartphones.

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How do you use SPID?

Simple and safe, you can use SPID from any device: computers, tablets and smartphones, whenever, on a site or app of services, you find the button “Enter with SPID”. Choose how to activate it, free or for a fee, on the site of the identity providers. Once obtained, the use of SPID is free for the citizen.

How do I activate my SPID ID?


  1. CONNECT. on a PA website. Go to the website of the institution you are interested in (eg INPS, INAIL, etc.) and look for the login “Enter with SPID”
  2. LOGIN. with your SPID. Enter your SPID credentials and access the requested service.
  3. USE. services in safety. One account for all online services, one password to remember.

What is a SPID number water?

‘SPID’ stands for Supply Point Identifier (or Supply Point ID); it’s a reference number that tells us which water supply belongs to which business premises.

How long does it take to get an Italian identity card?

The Minister of Interior dedicated website ( ) gives useful information on how to apply for the new national ID card, book an appointment with the municipal offices, and indicates the delivery address at home or the Town Hall. The card is delivered within six working days.

What documents do I need for Italian residency?

Documents required for an Italian permanent residence permit in 2021

  • proof that the foreign citizen has lived in Italy for 5 years (the temporary residence permit);
  • the registration certificate issued by the local police force upon entering Italy;
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Can I travel with my Italian ID card?

EU nationals can enter th UK on a European Identity card. The airline may (or may not) have its own rules that require a valid passport. If the OP’s friend is an Italian citizen and has a valid Italian national ID card she does not require a passport to enter the UK or Ireland (or any other EU country).

Is SPID safe?

The SPID system is easy, safe and fast. It does not require specific devices, such as tokens or smart cards, and can be used with computers, tablets and smartphones. The SPID, for the moment, is free for everyone who requests it from the Chamber of Commerce of Milan Monza Brianza Lodi.

What is SPID LTE?

SPID (Subscriber Profile Id) is a tool used to make RRM which is remote monitoring and management. This is the monitoring system with managed role over remote location. This grouping scheme is used on the basis of subscription information received from the system.

Is SPID a word?

(Service Profile IDentifier) A number assigned to an ISDN line by the telephone company that indicates which services the ISDN device can access. For example, the SPID for the ISDN number (215) 489-2077 might become 21548920770101. …

How can a foreigner get a SPID?

I live abroad, how can I obtain SPID? You must have a valid Italian identity document (identity card, passport, driving licence) and a tax code card, an e-mail address and a mobile phone for personal use. On the Agenzia per le Entrate website you can check the the appropriate procedure for obtaining a tax code.

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How can I get SPID easily?

ONLINE. You can register directly on the site and request SPID online, through a mobile phone certified at Poste Italiane or a Bancoposta reader.

What is my SPID?

A SPID number is similar to an MPAN number that you have for your gas and electricity supplies. Generally, you will have one or two SPID’s per premises. If you have two, one is for your water connection (W) and one if for your sewerage connection (S).

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