How do you conjugate the Italian fare?

Presente Present tense
io faccio I do
tu fai you do
egli fa he/she does
noi facciamo we do

How do you conjugate the past tense of fare?

past tense of fare is fared or archaic fore.

What is the past tense of fare in Italian?

Past Participles of Irregular Italian Verbs

fare to do/make fatto
2nd conjugation verbs
accendere to turn on acceso
aprire to open aperto

What is DARE and dire in Italian?

2 How to tell someone to do something

dare dire
(tu) da’! or dai! di’!
(lei/lui/Lei) dia! dica!
(noi) diamo diciamo
(voi) date! dite!

What are the tenses in Italian?

Understanding Italian verb tenses

  • The present tense. …
  • The future tense. …
  • The imperfect tense. …
  • The perfect tense. …
  • The past historic. …
  • The imperative. …
  • The conditional. …
  • The subjunctive.


What verb is Stai in Italian?

Stare is an extremely important Italian verb, which is often used in everyday conversation.

Stare Conjugation in the Indicative Present Tense.

Presente Present tense
io sto I stay
tu stai you stay
lui/lei sta he/she stay
noi stiamo we stay
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Is fare essere or avere?

Usually, the compound tenses are formed by taking the appropriate form of the auxiliary verb avere (to have) or essere (to be), followed by the past participle. In this case, fare is a transitive verb and therefore requires the auxiliary verb avere (to have).

What is the verb to have in Italian?

Italian To Be & to Have / Essere & Avere

I have ho abbiamo
you have hai avete
he/she has ha hanno

Are Italian conjugations?

Verbs with infinitives ending in –are are called first-conjugation, or –are, verbs. The present tense of a regular –are verb is formed by dropping the infinitive ending –are and adding the appropriate endings to the resulting stem. There is a different ending for each person.

What is the DARE in Imperfetto?

‘dare’ is the model of its conjugation.


tu dessi
lui, lei, Lei, egli desse
noi dessimo
voi deste

When to use DARE in Italian?

We use the verb dare when asking someone to do something like check (dare una controllata), or have a look (dare un’occhiata).

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