How do you get to Rimini Italy?

The nearest airport to Rimini is Rimini (RMI) Airport which is 5.8 km away. Other nearby airports include Florence (FLR) (112.9 km), Bologna (BLQ) (114 km), Venice (VCE) (161.9 km) and Pisa (PSA) (178.3 km). It takes 1h 42m to get from Rimini to Bologna (BLQ) Airport.

How do I get to Rimini?

How to reach Rimini

  1. ANCONA – FALCONARA AIRPORT R. Sanzio (95 km) …
  2. VENICE AIRPORT Marco Polo (280 km) Bus to Venice train station + train to Rimini: Venice central train station is located 15 km away from the airport and is served by a regular shuttle connection (20 min). …

How do you get to Rimini from UK?

Train to London Gatwick, fly to Florence, train • 7h 36m

  1. Take the train from London Victoria to Gatwick Airport.
  2. Fly from London Gatwick (LGW) to Florence (FLR) LGW – FLR.
  3. Take the train from Firenze S.M.N. to Bologna Centrale.
  4. Take the train from Bologna Centrale to Rimini.

Is Rimini near Venice?

The distance between Venice and Rimini is 154 km.

What is Rimini known for?

What is Rimini Most Famous For? Rimini is a coastal town that’s known for its expansive beaches and lively nightlife scene. It has over 100 beaches and seaside promenades that are lined with villas, resorts, and hotels overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Summer is when the beaches are alive with life.

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Can you fly direct to Rimini from UK?

How many flights are there between London and Rimini? There are 2 (direct) flights between London and Rimini per week, averaging 0 per day.

Which airlines fly from UK to Rimini?

Ryanair, Pobeda, Neos Air, Luxair, Ural Airlines, Albawings and SkyUp Airlines all fly direct to Rimini.

Is Rimini Italy safe?

Rimini is probably one of the safest towns in Italy. Just be careful driving on weekend nights, there might be some idiot drunk drivers around. Also, keep an eye on your belongings especially when in bars and clubs (as you would do anywhere else in the world).

How do I get from Rimini to Rome?

The train journey time between Rimini and Rome is around 3h 59m and covers a distance of around 463 km. The fastest train normally takes 3h 23m. Operated by Trenitalia Frecce, Trenitalia Intercity, Trenitalia and others, the Rimini to Rome train service departs from Rimini and arrives in Roma Termini.

How do I get from Rimini to San Marino?

Rimini to San Marino by bus. The bus journey time between Rimini and San Marino is around 37 min and covers a distance of around 21 km. The fastest bus normally takes 33 min. Operated by Start Romagna, the Rimini to San Marino bus service departs from Arco d’Augusto and arrives in Torello.

Is Rimini worth visiting?

With stunning golden beaches, beautiful historic architecture and a burgeoning street food scene, Rimini is one of Italy’s greatest hidden gems.

What does Rimini mean?

Rimini Means. Thanks! Wiktionary. From Italian Rimini, from Latin Arīminium. A province of Emilia-Romagna, Italy.

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Is Rimini in Tuscany?

Rimini is located in Italy.

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