How do you use avere in Italian?

How do you use avere?

Avere as an Auxiliary

In the compound tenses, avere is used as the auxiliary for most verbs. These are verbs that generally take a direct or indirect object (which is another noun that follows the verb). In these cases, avere is conjugated in its desired tense, and then the past participle is added.

How do you know when to use essere or avere in Italian?

— Finire – to finish: When you’re talking about a person finishing something, like homework, you use “avere” (ho finito i compiti), but when you’re talking about something being finished, like a movie, you use “essere” (il film è finito).

How do you use Avere in a sentence?

Some examples to use avere:

  1. Io ho un gatto (I have a cat)
  2. Quante macchine hai? (How many cars do you have?)
  3. Non ho amici! (I have no friends!) (literally: I don’t have friends!)
  4. Avete informazioni? (Do you guys have any information?)

What is the conjugation of avere in Italian?

Avere Conjugation in the Indicative Present Tense

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Presente Present tense
io ho I have
tu hai you have
egli ha he/she has
noi abbiamo we have

Is Chiamare essere or avere?

Essere vs.

All transitive verbs (verbs that have direct objects, like mangiare – to eat, scrivere – to write, suonare – to play, chiamare – to call) go with avere.

What are the tenses in Italian?

Understanding Italian verb tenses

  • The present tense. …
  • The future tense. …
  • The imperfect tense. …
  • The perfect tense. …
  • The past historic. …
  • The imperative. …
  • The conditional. …
  • The subjunctive.


Is Mangiare essere or avere?

Here’s how to know whether to use Essere or Avere as the helping verb: Avere is used for Transitive verbs, verbs where actions pass directly from the subject (actor) to the object (the receiver of the action). For example, mangiare (to eat) is a transitive verb.

Is Dormire essere or avere?

For example, other verbs that require avere are: parlare, dormire, ballare, camminare, viaggiare, telefonare.

Is Potere essere or avere?

If a modal verb is followed by essere—volere essere, potere essere, or dovere essere—in the compound tenses it wants avere as its auxiliary (though essere’s auxiliary is essere).

What tense is Avessi in Italian?


che io avessi
che tu avessi
che lui, lei, Lei avesse
che noi avessimo
che voi aveste

What is the difference between Abbiamo and Siamo?

Hi there, You would only use the word ‘siamo’ from the verb ‘essere’ with an adjective after it. ‘Fame’ is a noun, so you have to say that ‘you’ve got it’, therefore: abbiamo fame. The adjective for ‘fame’ is ‘affamato’, which becomes ‘affamati’ in a masculine plural form, so you could say ‘siamo affamati’.

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What is aver in Italian?

“aver” in Italian

aver {v.t.} IT. affermare. dichiarare.

What are the 6 forms of Avere?

Verb: avere (to have)

  • I have. io ho.
  • You have. tu hai.
  • She / it has. lei ha.
  • He / it has. lui ha.
  • We have. noi abbiamo.
  • All of you have. voi avete.
  • They have. loro hanno.

Are Italian conjugations?

Verbs with infinitives ending in –are are called first-conjugation, or –are, verbs. The present tense of a regular –are verb is formed by dropping the infinitive ending –are and adding the appropriate endings to the resulting stem. There is a different ending for each person.

How do you conjugate Esserci?

‘ When conjugating ‘esserci’ in the present tense, conjugate essere like you normally would, and put ‘ci’ in front. Here’s an example of how you might use it.

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