How is friendship shown in The Merchant of Venice?

Antonio and Bassanio’s relationship reflects the theme of friendship throughout the play. … Bassanio tells Antonio that he wants to find an honorable way to pay his financial debt back to Antonio. He uses this moment to recognize his friendship with Antonio, declaring that he not only owes him money, but also love.

How would you describe the friendship of Antonio and Bassanio in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice?

Describe the friendship between Antonio and Bassanio.

Ans: Antonio and Bassanio were inseparable. The bond they shared was loving and strong. Antonio loved Bassanio so much that he risked his own life, so that he could give him three thousand ducats to marry Portia.

What does Antonio and Bassanio’s friendship reveal about their characters?

Their trust in each other reveals that both are honest and honorable characters, true to their word. The bond between the two is unbreakable, and even when Antonio has no money, his worth for his friend has not been reduced.

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What does Portia say about essential factors in friendship?

Portia says that she feels that if Antonio is worthy of Bassanio’s friendship, he is well worth rescuing from “hellish cruelty” at any cost. … Her plan must succeed; if Bassanio has weighty troubles, then she shares them. Their “souls do bear the equal yoke of love.”

Who is Antonio’s friend in The Merchant of Venice?

Gratiano: A friend of Antonio and Bassanio.

Is Shylock a villain or a victim?

Shylock is a combination of both victim and villain in The Merchant of Venice. He is a victim of discrimination and mistreated by Antonio and his daughter, Jessica. Shylock’s greedy, vengeful nature is what makes him a villain, which helps drive the plot of the play.

Who comes along with Bassanio?

In order to ask for her hand in marriage, Bassanio and his best friend, Antonio enter into an agreement with the usurer Shylock. He is not the main character of the play, but his 73 lines compared to Antonio’s 47 and Portia’s 117 show that he still plays an important role.

Who is a better friend Antonio or Bassanio?

Antonio is the merchant who is very generous, particularly with his good friends. Bassanio needs money in order to woo Portia. Even though all of Antonio’s money is tied up in products yet to be sold, he agrees to help Bassanio because they are such close friends. … He is a very loyal friend just as Antonio is to him.

Are Bassanio and Antonio in love?

Shakespeare has made it clear that the path to Bassanio’s heterosexual love cannot seperate itself from Antonio’s homosexual love. … Bassanio does not exactly reciprocate, but he does accept the sacrifice. He later gives his ring to the disguised Portia as a repayment for saving Antonio’s life.

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Who was the best friend of Antonio?

Bassanio – Antonio’s best friend.

Where did Portia and Nerissa really go?

Portia and Nerissa go to Venice disguised as a lawyer and clerk. In the courtroom, the Duke asks Shylock to show some compassion and Bassanio offers 6000 ducats to repay Antonio’s loan.

Who is the best character in The Merchant of Venice?

Portia in ‘The Merchant of Venice’ is one of the strongest and wisest characters found in William Shakespeare’s plays.

Character Study & Plots.

Characters Importance
Shylock Jewish money lender of funds to Bassanio

What kind of lies will Portia tell?

She will take one long step like a man instead of two short steps like a woman. What kind of lies will Portia tell? Answer: She will tell skilful lies.

Who is Shylock’s friend?

Tubal is a friend of Shylock’s and is also a Jewish moneylender.

Why is Jessica ashamed Shylock’s daughter?

Jessica speaks to the audience after saying goodbye to Launcelot as she plans her escape. She reveals how she feels ashamed to be her father’s daughter because of his behavior. She also declares her love for Lorenzo and her desire to leave home and become a Christian to marry him.

Who is the real hero of Merchant of Venice?

Portia is the hero of the The Merchant of Venice. Men create or get themselves into predicaments, but Portia steers them through them successfully. Her greatest triumph comes when she disguises herself as a male lawyer and is able to save Antonio’s life.

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