How many scooters are in Italy?

The number of scooters and motorcycles produced in Italy in reached 252 thousand units in 2018, a five-year high.

Are scooters common in Italy?

Rome, Italy – One of the most characteristic features of popular culture in Italy – the iconic Vespa moped – is at risk of disappearing from its roads. … According to data published by ANCMA, moped sales in Italy have declined from a peak of 600,000 in 1980 to 26,727 in 2014 – a vertiginous fall of 97 percent.

Best-selling motorcycle models in Italy 2018

That year, the best-selling scooter model in Italy was the Honda Italia SH 150, counting 10,354 registrations.

Why do Italians love scooters?

Why do most Italians ride scooters? 1. Their cities and the country in general are more crowded–parking is always a hassle and traffic is a complete mess, especially in big cities like Milan. It is more convenient to have a small motor-bike that can weave in and out of the cars and find parking in small spaces.

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How much is scooter in Italy?

A scooter, Vespa or moped will usually be cheaper – around 45€ to 90€ a day; Motorcycles cost more – anywhere to 125€ to 350€ a day depending on what model you choose.

Do you need a license to ride a scooter in Italy?

All EU driving licences are valid in Italy. … A licence is required to ride a scooter – a car licence will do for bikes up to 125cc; for anything over 125cc you’ll need a motorcycle licence.

Can you rent scooters in Italy?

All you need is a valid US drivers license and a credit card to rent a scooter. Most rentals are 125cc but you can find some that are 250cc. There are many places to rent in the tourist areas.

What are the best scooter brands?

View the Best Pro Scooter in the World, Below.

  • Lucky Crew Complete Pro Scooter – Editor’s Choice. …
  • Envy S8 Prodigy Pro Scooter – Premium Choice. …
  • Lucky Prospect Pro Scooter – Best Overall. …
  • District C050 Pro Scooter – Great for Intermediate Riders. …
  • Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter – Best Selling Pro Scooter.


How do you get a scooter license in Italy?

Obtaining a license for a moped

You will need to undertake a training course at a local driving school and pass an exam, after which you must carry your license at all times. Good to know: Although you can drive a moped in Italy at age 14, elsewhere in the EU you might have to be at least 16 years of age.

Where are Honda scooters made?

The Tianjin factory, located over 1,000km northwest of Shanghai, near Beijing, has around 900 employees and an annual production capacity of 350,000 units. The factory began operations in 2005. These two factories manufacture Super Cubs, scooters, electric motorcycles, and sports models, etc.

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Why do Italians like Vespas?

Riding a Vespa was synonymous with freedom and a new kind of being young, trendy, brave, fearless and safely in movement! This is why the Vespa is an icon of our Italian culture.

Italy basically invented the modern scooter. Our cities are “quite” old, with narrow streets and lots of traffic. A scooter is easy to drive in those conditions and are usually cheaper than a real motorcycle.

Which country has the most Vespas?

In a country where more than 85 percent of the population owns a scooter, Indonesia has one of the largest Vespa enthusiast communities in the world—second only to Italy.

Can a foreigner buy a scooter in Italy?

The rule here is that you have to be a resident to buy and register a motor vehicle, including a scooter or motorcycle.

What is a scooter in Italy?

Vespa (Italian pronunciation: [ˈvɛspa]) is an Italian brand of scooter manufactured by Piaggio. The name means wasp in Italian. … S.p.A. of Pontedera, Italy to a full line of scooters and one of seven companies today owned by Piaggio.

Electric scooters have finally been granted “equal rights” with bicycles in Italy, resolving a big problem regarding urban mobility. … Thanks to the new regulation, all owners of electric scooters will be able to use their vehicles legally in Italian cities without causing serious problems.

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