How much wine does Sicily produce?

At its peak, in the late 19th century, the island had just under 800,000 acres of vineyards and was producing more than 212 million gallons of wine. In 2018, Sicily produced approximately 160 million gallons of wine. The region is one of Italy’s largest wine producers by both acreage and volume.

What wine is produced in Sicily?

Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG

That makes it prime red wine country and the source of Sicily’s only DOCG, Cerasuolo di Vittoria. Cerasuolo di Vittoria is a red wine blend that earned DOCG status in 2005. Nero d’Avola must comprise between 50%–70% of the base, with the balance filled by Frappato.

Is Sicily famous for wine?

Sicily Makes Some of Italy’s Best Sweet Wines

After all, few Italian regions are more famous for dolce than Sicily. Among the most iconic sweet wines is Passito di Pantelleria, from the island of the same name located in the Sicilian Straight.

How many wineries are in Sicily?

Today almost 300 producers create Sicilian wines mostly by hand, battling the elements to achieve beautiful, unique results. Drink a wine made from the grapes of Etna and you’ll most definitely taste the volcano. Grow those same grapes not too far away and you’ll be surprised how the wine changes.

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How much wine does Italy produce?

The last year in which the French production was larger than the Italian one was the 2014, when French wineries produced 46.5 million hectoliters wine.

Total volume of wine produced in Italy from 2011 to 2020* (in million hectoliters)

Characteristic Production volume in million hectoliters
2019* 47.5
2018 54.8

What is the best Sicilian wine?

The 9 best wines you must try in Sicily

  1. Malvasia. Malvasia – Capofaro in Salina vineyard. …
  2. Novello. Novello vineyard. …
  3. Chardonnay. Chardonnay grape variety. …
  4. Catarratto Bianco. This is a white wine that is produced along the coastal regions of Sicily. …
  5. Zibibbo. Zibibbo vineyard. …
  6. Grecanico. …
  7. Frappato. …
  8. Marsala.


What is the best Sicilian white wine?

10 of the Best Sicilian White Wines at Every Price Point

  • Giovanni Rosso 2017 Bianco (Etna); $39, 94 points. …
  • Planeta 2018 Allemanda Moscato (Noto); $22, 93 points. …
  • Pietradolce 2018 Bianco (Etna); $21, 92 points. …
  • Frank Cornelissen 2017 Munjebel Bianco (Terre Siciliane); $45, 92 points.


Is Nero d’Avola a good wine?

With its bold fruit flavors, robust tannin and acidity, Nero d’Avola is a great wine to match with rich meaty meats.

What wines are Italian?

Top Italian red wine types

Wine type Main Grape(s) Region
Brunello di Montalcino DOCG Sangiovese Tuscany
Cannonau di Sardegna DOC Cannonau Sardinia
Chianti DOCG Sangiovese Tuscany
Chianti Classico DOCG Sangiovese Tuscany

What kind of wine is Frappato?

Frappato di Vittoria or Frappato is a red Italian wine grape variety planted primarily in Sicily. As a varietal, Frappato produces light bodied wines with a distinct grapey aroma.

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What is Sicily known for?

What is Sicily Famous For?

  • Renowned Greek Temples in ‘The Valley of Temples’
  • Mount Etna, the biggest active volcano in Europe.
  • Birthplace of Archimedes.
  • The biggest island of Italy and the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Sicilian Cuisine.
  • Where the Italian Mafia was originated.
  • The famous coastline, sandy beaches, and crystal clear water.

What is the name of a Sicilian red wine?

Nero d’Avola (Italian pronunciation: [ˈneːro ˈdaːvola]; ‘Black of Avola’ in Italian) is “the most important red wine grape in Sicily” and is one of Italy’s most important indigenous varieties.

Is Nero d’Avola sweet or dry?


Why does Italy produce more wine?

2. Italian wine has a long history. Italian wine has been produced for over 4,000 years, and is considered the perfect environment to grow wine, largely due to the country’s climate (which is perfect for viticulture). … So much so, that the country was called ‘Oenotria’ (it’s translation meaning ‘the land of wine’).

What is the best Italian wine?

The Best Italian Red Wines of 2020

  • Fontodi 2017 Chianti Classico; $39, 95 points. …
  • Michele Chiarlo 2017 Cipressi (Nizza); $30, 94 points. …
  • Illuminati 2017 Ilico Riserva (Montepulciano d’Abruzzo); $24, 91 points. …
  • Produttori di Manduria 2017 Lirica (Primitivo di Manduria); $16, 91 points.


10 Most Famous Italian Wines

  • Barolo. Originating from northern Italy, specifically from the Piedmont region, is the Barolo wine. …
  • Franciacorta. …
  • Fiano di Avellino. …
  • Chianti Classico. …
  • Amarone della Valpolicella. …
  • Brunello di Montalcino.
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