Is computer in Italian plural?

il film the film
il manager the manager
i manager the managers
il computer the computer
i computer the computers

What is the plural of computer?

computer (plural computers)

Is computer in Italian masculine or feminine?

Nouns ending in a consonant (e.g. -m, -t, -r) are imports from other languages and are masculine (e.g. film, sport, computer). Nouns ending in -zione or -sione are typically feminine (e.g. stazione, decisione, lezione). Some common nouns are abbreviations of longer ones (e.g. foto from fotografia).

How do you pluralize in Italian?

In Italian, nouns are pluralized by a change in the last vowel. In short: Nouns ending with -a are pluralized with -e if feminine (most common) or with -i if masculine. Nouns ending with -e or -o are pluralized with -i.

How do you change a word from singular to plural in Italian?

To turn a singular word into a plural one, you usually only need to change the final vowel, though there are of course plenty of exceptions! Nouns ending in “-a” are usually feminine. To create the plural form you need to change the final vowel to “-e“.

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What is a Meese?

Noun. meese. (chiefly humorous) plural of moose.

What is the plural of fish?

The plural of fish is usually fish. When referring to more than one species of fish, especially in a scientific context, you can use fishes as the plural.

What are numbers in Italian?

Italian Cardinal Numbers From 1 to 100

Numbers and Pronounciations
1 uno OO-noh
2 due DOO-eh
3 tre TREH
4 quattro KWAHT-troh

What is the plural of attrice in Italian?

Male/Female Counterparts in -E

l(o)’attore/la attrice (the actor masc/fem) il pittore/la pittrice (the painter masc/fem)

What is the plural of problema in Italian?

There are certain masculine nouns ending in –a that change ending to –i in the plural, along with nouns ending in –o and –e, which can be masculine or feminine. See examples below: Singular: il problema. Plural: i problemi.

What is La Mano plural?

Answer. The plural form of mano is manos.

What are Italian definite articles?

Italian Definite Articles. Unlike an indefinite article, definite articles are used to refer to a specific noun. … Lo is used for masculine singular nouns that start with a z, ps, pn, x, y, gn or an s + consonant. In the plural, these same nouns take gli.

How do you make La Mano plural?

The plural of la mano (meaning hand) is le mani.

How do you say body parts in Italian?

Body Parts In Italian

  1. the body — il corpo.
  2. the part of the body — la parte del corpo.
  3. the foot — il piede.
  4. the hand — la mano.
  5. the arm — il braccio.
  6. the head — la testa.
  7. the finger — il dito.
  8. the eyes — gli occhi.
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What is the plural of Studentessa?

studentessa ends with a, the plural is e = studentesse.

What is the plural of Albergo?

Noun. albergo (plural albergos or alberghi) An Italian inn.

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