Is Telefono masculine or feminine in Italian?

Un telefono in Italian means a telephone. ‘Ph’ is not used to produce an ‘f’ sound in Italian. ‘F’ itself is always used. ‘Telefono’ is a masculine word grammatically, so to say ‘a telephone’, we say ‘un telefono’.

What is Telefono?

telefono (plural telefoni) a telephone call, a phone call, a call.

What type of word is Telefono?


From To Via
• teléfono → telephone ↔ telefoon
• teléfono → phonetelephone ↔ Telefon
• teléfono → telephonephone ↔ téléphone

How do you spell Telefono?


  1. (sistema) telephone.
  2. (apparecchio) (tele)phone.
  3. avere il telefono to be on the (tele)phone.
  4. è al telefono she’s on the phone.
  5. un colpo di telefono a call ⧫ a ring.
  6. ti do un colpo di telefono più tardi I’ll give you a ring later.
  7. numero di telefono phone number.

Is computer masculine or feminine in Italian?

The gender of computer is masculine. E.g. il computer.

Is Mesa feminine or masculine?

The table above shows how to form the feminine counterpart of a masculine noun. In particular, masculine nouns terminating in -o change the final vowel into -a.

Masculine and Feminine in Spanish.

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words ending in -o, –e or consonant words ending in –a
libro coche pantalón casa mesa puerta

Is Dias masculine or feminine?

Día is masculine. Just as el problema is masculine.

What is the plural form of Perro?

As this noun ends in a vowel we simply need to add an ‘s’ to make it plural. Therefore, the plural of perro is perros.

How do you make actriz plural?

plural -tri·ces,


What is the plural form of Francés?

Noun. francês m (plural franceses, feminine francesa, feminine plural francesas)

Is estudiante masculine or feminine?

Yes, “Estudiante” is gender neutral, so the only thing that changes is the article that precedes it.

Is Bici masculine or feminine Spanish?

bici {feminine} [abbreviation]

What are numbers in Italian?

Italian Cardinal Numbers From 1 to 100

Numbers and Pronounciations
1 uno OO-noh
2 due DOO-eh
3 tre TREH
4 quattro KWAHT-troh

Is Cafe masculine or feminine in Italian?

[Il] caffè (coffee, masculine). Plural: [i] caffè. [La] virtù (virtue, feminine).

Is computer in Italian plural?

There are two main ways of making nouns plural in Italian.

2 Nouns you do not change in the plural.

il film the film
il computer the computer
i computer the computers
la Jeep® the Jeep®
le Jeep® the Jeeps®
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