Is the name Flora Italian?

Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian: from the female personal name Flora. Czech, Austrian, and Polish: from a vernacular form of the Latin personal name Florianus (see Florian).

Where is the name Flora from?

Flora as a girl’s name is of Latin origin meaning “flower”. In mythology, Flora is the name of the Roman goddess of springtime. It is also the name of a ninth century Spanish martyr-saint.

The female name Flora has seen some success in the United States, albeit about 100 years ago. While the name has not achieved Top 100 standing in America, it did come quite close at the turn of the 20th century. Between 1900 and 1910 it was among the top 120 in the country.

What is the definition of the name Flora?

Flora means “flower” in Latin, and Flora was the Roman goddess of spring and flowering plants, especially wildflowers and plants not raised for food.

Is Flora an Irish name?

BLÁTH, genitive -áithe, Flora; an ancient Irish name, meaning ‘blossom,’ or ‘flower-bud’; borne by two virgin saints. Latin — Flora.

Is Flora a rare name?

Flora was a Top 100 name in the 1880’s and 1890’s, but gradually descended until it finally fell off the list in 1972. It is still popular in some European countries, including Hungary and France.

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What can flora be short for?

Flora could be used as a nickname for Florence but the two aren’t actually related since they come from different roots. Another similar name is Fleur which is French for Flower; there’s also Fleurette, a diminutive of Fleur. It’s no surprise that this lovely name comes from the Latin word flos meaning “flower”.

Is Flora a nickname for Florence?

Florence is a feminine English given name.

Florence (given name)

Meaning blossoming in faith, in belief (mystic name)
Other names
Related names Fiorenza, Flo, Florance, Florencia, Florencita, Florentia, Florrie, Floss, Flossie, Flossy, Flora, Florella, Florentina, Florentine, Florian, Florina, Floria, Florinda

Who is the goddess Flora?

Flora, in Roman religion, the goddess of the flowering of plants. Titus Tatius (according to tradition, the Sabine king who ruled with Romulus) is said to have introduced her cult to Rome; her temple stood near the Circus Maximus. Her festival, called the Floralia, was instituted in 238 bc.

What does the name Stella mean?

star (in Latin) or short for Styliani (in Greek) Other names. Related names. Stelios, Stylianos, Estelle, Estella. Stella is a female given name of Latin and Italian origin, meaning “star”.

How do you pronounce the Irish name blathnaid?

On her blog, “What’s me name?”, Bláthnaid (pronounced “Blaw-nid”) is bringing all the Dorarcas, Odhrans, Meadhbhs, Aoibheanns, etc. of the world together to share their stories.

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