What cars did they use in the Italian Job?

Did they use real cars in the Italian Job?

Photos courtesy of the London Classic Car Show. Today I learned there are only three original cars remaining from the filming of the original 1969 The Italian Job movie, and sadly none of them are Minis.

What car was used in the original Italian Job?

Lamborghini Restored the Miura from the Original Italian Job Movie, and It’s Spectacular. Miura #3586 from the 1969 film is now looking better than ever, thanks to Lambo’s factory restoration program. This is the Lamborghini Miura featured in the start of the 1969 film The Italian Job; it carries chassis #3586.

What cars were used in the Italian Job 2003?

The gang devises a plan to get 3 small cars to drive through his house in order to quickly steal the gold. Those cars were the 3 2003 Mini Coopers that were updated with mods to make them quicker and to make them carry the amount of weight that the gold will add to the trunk of the car.

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What happened to the Italian Job cars?

We were up a mountain and had to film the three cars being wrecked and thrown over the cliff. So, the Aston Martin was supposed to be thrown over and explode as it went down. Unfortunately, the special effects went off before it was thrown over the cliff and it blew up in front of us.

Did they really destroy a Lamborghini in the Italian Job?

In 1969, a film called The Italian Job was shown in theaters. If you’re a fan of Italian cars, it had one of the greatest opening sequences in cinematic history. That’s because it featured an orange Lamborghini Miura winding its way up a mountain pass. … Thankfully, the car wasn’t really destroyed.

What happened to the Lamborghini in the Italian Job?

No more: the Miura P400 we’re in today has been certified by Lamborghini’s Polo Storico wing as the film-star car, and this is thought to be the first time it has returned to the Great St Bernard Pass since production of the film.

How much gold is in the Italian Job?

In the Italian Job, the 2003 movie, the main characters rob an amount of 208 gold bullion of roughly the sizes I list above. In the movie, it is estimated worth 35 millions USD.

What Aston Martin is in Italian Job?

The silver Aston Martin DB4 thrown off the cliff by a Mafia bulldozer was a fake car. The red Jaguar E-Type (smashed up in the same scene) was restored in the 1990s and featured in a UK classic car magazine.

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How does the Italian job end?

The 1969 heist film ends with the robbers’ gold-laden bus teetering over the edge of an Alpine road, with their loot — and their lives — in doubt. On Friday the Royal Society of Chemistry offered fans a little closure, announcing the winner of a competition to find a scientific solution to their predicament.

Why did they use Minis in The Italian Job?

A MINI Cooper with two steering wheels was used for some of the shooting, in order for a stunt driver to drive the car while one of the actors performed for the camera. This car is now a part of the MINI factory tour in Cowley, Oxfordshire, England.

Did any minis Survive The Italian Job?

Only a few cars survived the stunts, which included being pushed out of a coach and falling down the Italian Alps. Those which did survive cannot be identified because registration plates used in the film were false, and after 25 years, the identity of the stunt cars is no longer available.

What year Mini Cooper did they use in the Italian Job?

Share this Post: The Italian Job (2003) featured MINI as a getaway car, and the popular film helped the MINI brand become as recognizable as it is today.

How much did the Italian Job Cost?

60 million USD

What was the red car in the Italian Job?

The movie opens with a driver navigating an icon of the Swinging Sixties along an Alpine road: a bright-red Lamborghini Miura. With its flowing curves, distinctive headlights, bright colors, and 4-liter V-12 engine, this was the epitome of flashy driving.

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