What does beddu mean in Sicilian?

1) “Beddu” is simply the Sicilian word for “bello.”

What does beddu mean?

beautiful, nice, good-looking, handsome.

How do you say beautiful in Sicilian?

Trùoppu Bedda/u – Beautiful

So beautiful in Sicilian is Trùoppu Bedda – if your partner is female or identifies as such – and Trùoppu Beddu – if your partner is male or identifies as such.

How do you say daughter in Sicilian?

Following is a dictionary of often-used Sicilian words. Note that there are no entries for the letters h, j, k, w, x, and y because there are no words in Sicilian beginning with those letters.

Learn some basic Sicilian words.

“F–Z” Terms
figatu liver
figghia daughter
figghiu son
fimmina woman

What does Sicilia bedda mean?

May 23, 2019 · Sicilia ‘Bedda’ – Sicilian word of the week ‘bedda’ / ‘beddu’ meaning bella / bello or beautiful!

What does Badu mean in Italian?

Is beddu-a etymologically derived from the Arabic word ‘badu’ which means ‘people of the desert’ (Anglicized form: bedouin)?” Subsequently, some very interesting responses were posted to the H-Italy site and in a recent e-mail note.

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How do you pronounce bedda Sicilian?

For example, Sicilian for ‘beautiful is ‘bedda’, which is pronounced ‘beddra’ in several localities.

What is hello in Sicilian?

Sicily is an Italian island, so Italian is the spoken language. Hello – Ciao.

How do you say kiss in Sicilian?

“Potin” and “vasata” mean “bacio” (kiss) respectively in the regions of Valle d’Aosta and Sicily.

How do you say thank you in Sicilian?

A collection of useful phrases for a variety of occasions in Sicilian, a Romance language spoken mailny in Sicily and parts of southern Italy.

Useful phrases in Sicilian.

English lu sicilianu (Sicilian)
Thank you Grazij
Reply to thank you Di nenti

How do you say hot in Sicilian?

translations hot

  1. caluri. noun. en The quality or state of being warm. omegawiki.
  2. càvuru. adjective. Dbnary: Wiktionary as Linguistic Linked Open Data.

How do you say my love in Sicilian?

You can try:

  1. – Tesoro mio – My treasure.
  2. – Cuore mio – My heart.
  3. – Amore mio – My love.
  4. – Caro/cara – Dear.


Are Sicilians Italian?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Sicilians or the Sicilian people are a Romance speaking people who are indigenous to the island of Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, as well as the largest and most populous of the autonomous regions of Italy.

What does the symbol on the Sicilian flag mean?

The flag is characterized by the presence of the triskeles in its middle, the (winged) head of Medusa and three wheat ears, representing the extreme fertility of the land of Sicily, The triskelion symbol is said to represent the three capes (headlands or promontories of the island of Sicily, namely: Pelorus (Peloro, …

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