What does Katrina mean in Italian?

What does the name Katrina mean in Italian?

The name Katarina is primarily a female name of Italian origin that means Pure.

Is Katrina a Italian name?

Katrina in Italian is Caterina.

What does Cuchi mean in Italian?

cuchi {adjective masculine/feminine}

cute {adj.}

Is Katrina a Spanish name?

Katrina in Spanish is Catalina.

What does Katarina mean?

Katarina as a girl’s name is a variant of Catherine (Greek) and Katherine (Greek); the meaning of Katarina is “pure”.

What is Cariña?

1 : a keel-shaped anatomical part, ridge, or process. 2 Carina : a constellation in the southern hemisphere lying near the Southern Cross that is represented by the figure of a ship’s keel.

Is Katrina a good name?

In 2005, the year the hurricane hit, 1,326 babies born in the United States were named Katrina, according to the Social Security Administration. It was a name on the rise — no Ashley or Madison, per se, but a good solid name for baby girls nationwide. Since the storm, Katrina’s popularity steadily has faded.

What are nicknames for Katrina?


  • Nicknames: Kat, Trina.
  • Famous people named Katrina: Singer Katrina Leskanich; Olympic field hockey player Katrina Powell; basketball player Katrina McClain Johnson; actresses Katrina Bowden and Katrina Law.
  • Fun fact: …
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What nationality is the name Katrina?

Katrina (given name)

Gender Female
Word/name Greek
Meaning Pure
Other names

What is Vajayjay slang?

noun. “vagina”. Coined on Grey’s Anatomy. Popularized by Oprah.

How do you say my love in Venezuela?

In some Latin American countries, such as Venezuela and Colombia, “mi amor” is commonly used to address people close to you, such as family, friends, or even acquaintances.

What is Katrina short for?

Katrina as a girl’s name is a variant short form of the Greek name Katherine meaning “pure”. The name has a European sound to it. … Related Baby Names Lists.

How do you say Katrina in Spanish?

3 Answers. I completely agree with Jeremias. However, if you are looking for a Spanish variant of your name, Catalina is the most common.

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