What does Mezza Fanook mean in Italian?

Italian slang for “half a fag”, not required a homosexual it is a derogatory term by Major MarlowReport definition.

What does Mezza Fanook mean?

It’s not a “sopranos” dialect…fanook, or mezza fanook is slang for fag, universally known by Italian immigrants from north, south and Sicily.

What does Fanook mean?

As defined by the Italian Urban Dictionary: Fanook, is a half a fag (not typically referring to sexual orientation, but rather for his endorsement of swishy behavior) Otherwise commonly known by “Douche Bag”

What is a Fanook priest?

Selected answer:fanook – gay, homosexual male. Explanation: “Paraphrasing Humphrey Bogart, she regretfully tells Father Phil the next morning, “Of all the fanook [gay] priests in the world, why did I have to get the one who’s straight?”

What does Finoch mean?

Filters. (derogatory) Homosexual.

What is a mamaluke in Italian?

A mamaluke is an Italian word, actually an Italian slang word, for someone who does something dumb, stupid, silly or foolish. (Or is dumb, stupid, silly, or foolish.)

What does Gabagool mean in Italian?

What does Gabagool mean? Gabagool is the American-Italian form of the word capocollo, a kind of cold cut Italian and Sardinian ham. The term is often heard in the television series, The Sopranos.

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What is a Moolinyan?

noun. slang, offensive US. Among Italian-Americans: a black person.

What does Riccione mean in Italian?

Riccione is a city. Or it can be the a big riccio ( hedgehog )

What does Fanuc mean in Italian?

From Italian finocchio (“homosexual”, literally “fennel”).

Why did Phil Leotardo get whacked?

Leotardo rejected Soprano’s offer of compromise on an asbestos removal project, and Leotardo went to war with Soprano after he beat one of his men for threatening his daughter. … DeConcini did not know where Leotardo was hiding, but he gave the DiMeos permission to whack his old boss.

What does Sfacim mean?

In its original form, “sfacim” is Neapolitan slang for semen — equivalent to US slang such as spunk or gism. However, it’s also widely used as a term of endearment, as in “Hey, sfacim.

What does Madone mean?

Noun. madone f (plural madones) beautiful woman, an angel.

What does Minga mean in Italian?

Minga, (from the Italian verb mingere which means “to urinate”), an impolite Sicilian slang term used to denote frustration or as a derogatory descriptive term for a person.

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