What English sounds like to non English speakers Song Italian?

The song, called “Prisencolinensinainciusol,” was written to mimic the way English sounds to non-English speakers. Celentano, now 74 years old, says that he wanted to break down language barriers and inspire people to communicate more.

How old is Celentano?

83 года ()

How tall is Adriano Celentano?

5 футов 10 дюймов

Where is Adriano Celentano from?

Греко, Милан, Италия

How old is Claudia Mori?

77 years (February 12, 1944)

What part of Italy is Adriano Celentano?

Born in Milan in Via Cristoforo Gluck, in a modest neighbourhood near Milano Centrale station, Celentano grew up obsessed with the American rock and roll scene.

Why is Adriano Celentano famous?

Adriano Celentano is one of the most important singers of Italian pop music, but he’s also been a creator of a comic genre in movies, with his characteristic way of walking and his facial expressions. … Probably, as an actor, his best film is Serafino (1968), directed by Pietro Germi.

Who is Adriano Celentano wife?

Claudia Morim. 1964

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