What happened to the 3 Minis from The Italian Job?

What happened to the 3 Minis in The Italian Job?

We were up a mountain and had to film the three cars being wrecked and thrown over the cliff. So, the Aston Martin was supposed to be thrown over and explode as it went down. Unfortunately, the special effects went off before it was thrown over the cliff and it blew up in front of us.

Do The Italian Job Minis still exist?

Photos courtesy of the London Classic Car Show. Today I learned there are only three original cars remaining from the filming of the original 1969 The Italian Job movie, and sadly none of them are Minis.

How many minis were destroyed in the Italian Job?

The fourteen Minis used for filming were all destroyed in 1968, but many replicas have been made.

How many minis did The Italian Job use?

32 MINI Coopers were used throughout the shooting.

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Did Mini Cooper pay for the Italian job?

From Newsweek: So far, summer’s best product placement the too-cute Mini Coopers in The Italian Job didn’t cost the car company a penny. BMW just turned over the keys to 32 of its British bulldogs, and agreed to let the studio demolish them during the elaborate chase scenes.

What year Mini Cooper did they use in the Italian Job?

Share this Post: The Italian Job (2003) featured MINI as a getaway car, and the popular film helped the MINI brand become as recognizable as it is today.

Are minis Italian?

Mini (stylised as MINI) is a British automotive marque founded in 1969, owned by German automotive company BMW since 2000, and used by them for a range of small cars.

What Mini Cooper was in The Italian Job?

Two electric-powered Mini Coopers, and one Mini Cooper S had to be specially built for the film, since gasoline-powered vehicles are not allowed to operate in L.A.’s subway system. The red Mini Cooper driven by Stella at the beginning of the film is a nod to the Mini Coopers from the original The Italian Job (1969).

Who owns the original Italian Job Minis?

BMC (British Motor Corp.), the owners of the Mini, refused to donate any cars for this movie. The chief of Fiat Motors, however, offered to donate all of the cars needed, including Fiat 500s in place of the Minis.

Did they really destroy those cars in the Italian Job?

In 1969, a film called The Italian Job was shown in theaters. If you’re a fan of Italian cars, it had one of the greatest opening sequences in cinematic history. … Thankfully, the car wasn’t really destroyed. The filmmakers weren’t daft enough to destroy an actual Miura.

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How much gold was stolen in the Italian Job?

Plot. John Bridger, a professional safecracker, has assembled a team to steal $35 million worth of gold bullion from a safe in Venice, held by Italian gangsters who had stolen it weeks earlier.

Where are the original Italian Job Minis?

The Mini Coopers Of The Italian Job

The actor performed on the dummy wheel while a stunt driver, unseen on the camera, was the one to actually drive the car. This particular dual-steering Mini is now part of the Mini factory tour in Cowley, Oxford.

Did they really destroy an Aston Martin in The Italian Job?

An Aston Martin DB4 convertible was also destroyed during filming. The reality: the DB4, bought by the film company for a mere £900, also escaped destruction. Its roof and windscreen were crushed and its bodywork damaged but it was spared the long, painful descent to automotive Valhalla.

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