What is a cantina in Italy?

What does Cantina mean?

A cantina is a type of bar common in Latin America and Spain. The word is similar in etymology to “canteen”, and is derived from the Italian word for a cellar, winery, or vault. In Italy, the word cantina refers to a room below the ground level where wine and other products such as salami are stored.

What’s the difference between Bar and Cantina?

“Bar” is a noun which is often translated as “bar”, and “cantina” is a noun which is often translated as “canteen”.

What is cantina style chips?

The Cantina chips come in two varieties–a thinner, crispier white corn chip and a thicker yellow corn chip–that resemble the kinds consumers might find on the menu at a local Mexican restaurant.

Is Cantina a Scrabble word?

Yes, cantina is in the scrabble dictionary.

Is a canteen a bar?

a. A snack bar or small cafeteria, as on a military installation. b. A recreational facility, bar, or small general store formerly established for the patronage of soldiers.

What’s the Spanish word for bar?

When used as a symbol, as in the context shown in 3), the plural of this word is “bar.” Vamos al bar a tomar unas cervezas. ¿Te vienes?


habíamos ido a un bar we’d gone to a bar
bar del barrio neighborhood bar
bar de mala muerte lousy bar dive
esnack bar snack bar
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Where is the cantina in Star Wars?

The Mos Eisley cantina is everywhere.

A structure in Ajim, Tunisia, served as the exterior of the cantina, but interiors were filmed in two other places. Most of the interior action was filmed at Elstree Studios in London while several alien close-ups were filmed at Hollywood Center Studios.

What’s the difference between Cantina and Restaurant Style Chips?

I find that kinda weird, since Tostitos are already “restaurant-style” chips. The Cantina Traditional tortilla chips are made of yellow corn and are slightly smaller than standard Tostitos. … That being said, Tostitos Cantina chips just feel like regular Tostitos chips, but slightly smaller and made of yellow corn.

Who makes Cantina chips?

TOSTITOS® Cantina Traditional Tortilla Chips look and taste like authentic restaurant style chips. They’re thick, delicious and begging to be dipped.

Why do restaurant tortilla chips taste better?

Tortilla chips at a Mexican restaurant are often served warm and fresh. … Well, as per Epicurious, what really works in a restaurant’s favor is the fact that their chips are warm and toasty when they reach your table.

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