What is the cheapest way to get from Milan to Venice?

What is the best way to get from Milan to Venice?

From Milan to Venice by Train

Trains are the easiest way to travel between Milan and Venice. There are several trains every hour leaving from Milano Centrale train station, with the earliest one departing at 5am and the latest one at 8:45pm.

Is it cheaper to buy train tickets in advance in Italy?

Regional Tickets

There is rarely any discount for buying a regional train ticket in advance, but these are also the least expensive tickets within the Trenitalia system. If you buy your Regionale tickets online, they do not need to be validated before boarding.

How do you get cheap train tickets in Italy?

The verdict. For the cheapest high-speed tickets in Italy, go for Italo, and buy your tickets in advance. If you’re on a super budget, go with the regional trains on Trenitalia.

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Where should I stop between Milan and Venice?

Top 3 stopovers on the Milan to Venice route

  • Padua (Padova) Visit Padua’s beautiful Saint Anthony’s Basilica. The small but lively university city of Padua has a couple big sites that merit a visit. …
  • Verona. View of Verona. …
  • Vicenza. Interior of Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza.


Is Venice worth visiting?

In my point of view, yes Venice is worth visiting. Venice can overwhelm you because there are too many people and the queues can be horrific (see below for advance tickets) but there is space where you can find some peace and relax. It is an excellent place to go for a romantic weekend, or as a family.

Is Milan a walkable city?

If there’s one thing you should know about getting around my city, it’s that Milan is a very walkable city. But if you find yourself with achy feet, take a step back in time and hop on an old-fashioned tram—wooden seats and all! … The best place to spend time outdoors in my city is in Sempione Park.

Are trains in Italy expensive?

Most train travelers in Italy spend each rail-travel day taking relatively short rides on the Milan–Venice–Florence–Rome circuit. For these trips (most of which cost less than $50 for a second-class ticket), it’s cheaper to buy point-to-point train tickets than a rail pass (since most cost more than $50 per day).

What is the most efficient way to get around in Italy?

Travel by Train in Italy. Getting around Italy by train is a great option. The Italian train system is pretty efficient and one of the least expensive in Europe. Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane runs trains under the brand name Trenitalia, operating a large network across the country.

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Is it cheaper to buy train tickets online or at the station Italy?

ItaliaRail.com is the easiest and best site for booking Italy train tickets. It’s cheaper then Trenitalia.com if there are 2 or more passengers. It’s an online website that sells Trenitalia tickets in Euros, Pounds, and Dollars. … You can always try to buy train tickets at your train station of departure.

When can I get the cheapest train tickets?

When are cheap train tickets available? Cheap train tickets are normally available when they’re first released by the train operators. This is usually 12 weeks before your departure date. Booking in advance could save you 61% on average vs Anytime fares on the day.

How much are train tickets in Italy?

The cost depends on the pass, your age, and whether you purchase a first or second class ticket. The average three-day pass costs 127 euros for second class seating and 169 for first. For an eight-day pass, the average ticket costs 240 euros for second class seating and 320 for first.

Do they check train tickets in Italy?

An electronic or e-ticket is the newest reservation confirmation for booking trains in Italy. … In general, high speed trains will be ticketless and the regional, overnight, and cross-border trains will require you to print and validate your ticket before boarding your train for departure.

Should I go to Venice or Milan?

Venice is typically the best choice for romantic trips (honeymoon, anniversary etc). Milan is the best option for shopping, food, and nightlife. Winters are typically colder in Venice than in Milan.

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Can you drive to Venice from Milan?

You could drive from Milan to Venice in just three hours, but if you’re in a hurry you might as well take the train. With a car, the journey becomes a part of your vacation. Stretch out the drive for as many days as you can afford for an unforgettable trip through Northern Italy.

How much is train from Venice to Milan?

The price of train tickets from Venice to Milan starts at $24.93 one-way for a Standard Class ticket if you book in advance. Booking on the day is usually more expensive and costs can vary depending on the time of day, route or class.

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