What is the largest metropolitan area in Italy?

Rome is the largest Italian metropolitan area. As of 2019, the urban area of the capital city had a population of around 4.3 million people.

What is the largest urban area in Italy?

Largest urban areas in Italy as of 2021 (in 1,000 population)

Characteristic Median age
Rome 4,278
Milan 3,144
Naples 2,183
Turin 1,795

Which Italian metropolis has the largest population?

Leading 20 largest cities in Italy as of December 2019, by number of inhabitants

Characteristic Number of inhabitants
Rome 2,837,332
Milan 1,396,059
Naples 962,589
Turin 870,952

What are the metropolitan cities in Italy?

Metropolitan cities

Metropolitan city Area (km2) Population (May 2020)
Rome (Roma) 5,352 4,323,664
Milan (Milano) 1,575 3,274,499
Naples (Napoli) 1,171 3,076,675
Turin (Torino) 6,827 2,246,423

What is the most densely populated city in Italy?

Naples is the Italian city with the highest population density. As of 2019, the largest south Italian city counted 2.6 thousand inhabitants per square kilometer.

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What are the 5 most populated cities in Italy?


Name 2021 Population
Rome 2,895,206
Milan 1,437,436
Naples 962,736
Turin 870,599

What are the 5 biggest cities in Italy?

Italy’s Five Most Populous Cities

  1. Rome. A narrow, busy street in Rome. …
  2. Milan. View of Milan`s business district from Duomo di Milano. …
  3. Naples. Aerial scenic panoramic view of Naples, Campania, Southern Italy. …
  4. Turin. View of Turin city center with landmark of Mole Antonelliana-Turin,Italy,Europe. …
  5. Palermo.


What is the richest city in Italy?

Milan is wealthiest city in Italy, with residents earning an average yearly income of €36,252, followed by Rome with €30,543, according to figures from the Ministry of Economy.

Where do the rich live in Italy?

Foreign investors are particularly attracted to the so-called ‘golden triangle’ of Florence, Siena and Volterra, where, as is well known, the most expensive properties in Italy are located. The most prestigious places on the Tuscan coast are the resorts in the Versilia Viareggio, Pietrasanta and Forte dei Marmi area.

What is the most modern city in Italy?

Milan is the most modern city in Italy – Bella Milano Tours. Milan is the most modern city in Italy and it’s becoming more and more… friendly with everyone: citizens, cyclists, old people, poor people, young people and tourists!

What is the capital of Italy?


What makes up a metropolitan area?

The U.S. Office of Management and Budget defines metropolitan [statistical] areas as standardized county or equivalent-based areas having at least one urbanized area of 50,000 or more population, plus adjacent territory that has a high degree of social and economic integration with the core, as measured by commuting …

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What are the largest cities in the world?

The 20 Largest Cities in the World: 2021 Edition

  • 1- Tokyo, Japan.
  • 2- Delhi, India.
  • 3- Shanghai, China.
  • 4- Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • 5- Mexico City, Mexico.
  • 8- Beijing, China.
  • 9- Mumbai, India.
  • 10- Osaka, Japan.


What is the black population in Italy?

Immigrants from Africa officially residing in Italy in 2015 numbered about 1,000,000 residents. Afro-Italians (Afroitaliani) are born and are raised in Italy, citizen of African descent or of mixed African and Italian roots. Africa and Italy have had significant ties dating back to the time of the Roman Empire.

Is Italy overpopulated?

Though Italy may be very dense population wise, the country itself is not overpopulated. In fact, many factors have gone into decreasing the rate at which they grow. … For example, in 2014, fewer babies were born in Italy than in any other year since the modern Italian state was formed in 1861.

What is the most important holiday in Italy?

La Festa della Repubblica (June 2nd)

La Festa della Repubblica is Italy’s Independence Day and one of the country’s most important holidays. The day celebrates the end of monarchs and the country officially becoming a republic.

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