What physical feature helped Florence become a major trade city?

The Arno River (C) is an important river located in the Tuscan Region of Italy and was an important geographic feature which helped Florence to become a trade center.

What factors helped Florence to become a wealthy city?

Florence became a very wealthy city because of the trade of textiles, especially the trade of wool. The workers took untreated and unfinished wool from other places and worked it into high quality wool that was sold in many places. Florence was also an important banking center.

What made Florence an important center for trade and commerce?

Its location on the Arno river made it an important center for trade and commerce. Florence became the hub of wooden cloth for all of Europe. The city was also dominated by Medici banking center.

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Why did geography help Italian Trade succeed?

Two reasons why geography helped Italians trade:

Italy was in such an area that it could trade with Africa, Eastern Europe, the Ottoman Empire, and the countries above it. … Italians got items from only limited to certain countries when they traded, so they re-sold those items and got money.

Why is Florence often called the cradle of the Renaissance?

The political unit which contributed most to the development of the Renaissance was the city state, and city state republics. Why was Florence called the cradle of the Renaissance? It was called the cradle because the Renaissance was called a “rebirth” and Florence was the most powerful city in the Renaissance.

What part of Brunelleschi’s dome supported the most weight?

Chapter 29

Question Answer
On our dome, what were the parts of our bodies that supported the most weight? Our legs and feet
On Brunelleschi’s dome, which parts supported the most weight? The arches
What were the feet on our dome like? The base
What was the beach ball like? The lantern

Why was it so easy for Italy to look back to Classicalism?

Why was it so easy for Italy to look back to Classicalism? Roman relics and buildings were still standing in Italy.

What made Florence thrive financially?

What made Florence thrive financially? Florence thrived financially because: She maintained thriving industry in silk and wood, bought luxury items from the east and sold for large profits, sold insurance to sea traders, created banks to make loans and exchange currency, medici family prompted trade arts and banking.

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Why is Italy so rich?

Furthermore, the advanced country private wealth is one of the largest in the world. Italy is a large manufacturer (overall the second in EU behind Germany) and exporter of a significant variety of products including machinery, vehicles, pharmaceuticals, furniture, food, clothing, and robots.

What made Florence thrive financially quizlet?

An increase in prices and changes from the trade centers on the Mediterranean to one center on the Atlantic, made Florence the selected destination. Bankers became extremely rich, the creation of money markets led to the arrival of investments in the arts.

What reason geography did Italy make so much money during the Renaissance?

Renaissance Chapter 2 Review Questions

How did the geography of Italy make it so wealthy and successful? – Italy was the closest sea port to the east, it was the gateway to the East, transportation by sea was cheaper and easier

What four factors contributed to the success of Italian city-states?

Thinking about Italy, and its city-states during the Renaissance period, there are many factors that assisted in its success.

  • Geography. Closer to northern Africa and the Mediterranean Sea. …
  • Climate. Warmer traveling climate (no interruption due to weather) …
  • Leadership. …
  • Social Organization.

What geographic factor helped Italy become successful?

Italy is situated in the middle of the mediterranean sea so it got a lot of trade from the seas, and there was also the old roman roads the people could use as reliable trade routes. You just studied 27 terms!

Which was the most powerful family in Florence?

The Albizzi were one of the oldest families in Florence and led the republican government for two generations. By 1427, they were the most powerful family in the city, and far richer than the Medici.

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What family dominated the political scene of Florence during the Renaissance?

The Medici family, which controlled Florence throughout much of the Renaissance, played a large part in the patronage of the arts and the political development of the city.

Why did craftspeople become more important during the Renaissance?

Why did craftspeople become more important during the Renaissance? Merchants traded their goods all over Europe. … People began to buy goods with money instead of bartering.

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