What town in Italy do people live the longest?

Sardinia, Italy. Home to the world’s longest-living men.

Do Italians have a long life?

In that report, the average life expectancy for all Italians at birth was 82.7 years, the fourth highest in the world and the second-highest in Europe, just behind Spain.

Is there a small town in Italy where no one has heart attacks?

Stoccareddo is a village in the comune of Gallio, Province of Vicenza, Italy. It is known for its 400 villagers (380 of them with the surname Baù) with great health who tend to be able to consume fatty foods without the consequences of strokes and heart attacks.

What town in Italy has the oldest population?

With an average age of 65.1 years, the Italian town of Gorreto in Liguria has the oldest population in Europe.

Does an Italian village hold secrets to a long life?

But one village may hold the secret to something even more significant: longevity. Situated on the western coast of southern Italy is Acciaroli, a town with a disproportionately high number of centenarians. … Scientists are now researching why life spans in Acciaroli are so long.

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Why is Italy so healthy?

Italy is home to some of the best cuisine in the world. Food is deeply embedded into their culture and the classic Italian diet encompasses plenty of vegetables, olive oil, pasta, lean meats and fresh fish. This resulted in Italians having lower blood pressure and cholesterol than other developed nations.

Where in Italy do people live longer?

Home to the world’s longest-living men.

Why do Italians live so long?

The Italians drink more wine, smoke more cigarettes, eat more sweets and carbohydrates, exercise less, and work fewer hours than their American counterparts and they live an average of 3.37 years longer than we do! …

What do Italian centenarians eat?

The healthy Italian foods centenarians reach for to satisfy their bodies and palates include everything from olives to red wine.

The healthy Italian foods that Sardinian centenarians eat daily

  • barley. …
  • Fava beans. …
  • Cannonau wine. …
  • Olive oil.


How come Italians live so long?

Eating plenty of fresh fish, fruits and vegetables, nuts, and cooking with olive oil could explain the high life expectancy rate in Italy. The number of centenarians, or people that are over the age of 100, has tripled in Italy over the last 15 years. Out of the total number of centenarians, 83 percent are women.

What country has the most elderly?

Countries With The Elderly Population In The World

Rank Country % of population over 65 years old
1 Japan 27
2 Italy 23
3 Portugal 22
4 Germany 21

Which country has the highest elderly population?

In Japan, about 29 percent of the total population was 65 years and older as of mid-2020.

The countries with the largest percentage of total population over 65 years in 2020.

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Characteristic Percentage of population over 65 years

Which country is aging the fastest?

Table. Top-10 Countries With the Oldest Populations Vary by Measurement Used

Share of the Population Ages 65 and Older, 2015
Rank Country %
1 Japan 26.0
2 Italy 22.4
3 Germany 21.1

Why is Sardinia a blue zone?

The island of Sardinia is the first blue zone to have been declared. Dan Buettner stumbled upon Sardinia when looking for the keys to longevity. … A blue zone is an area where there is a high level of longevity, typically a large number of a population over 100 years of age.

Why do people live longer in Sardinia Italy?

Have Sardinia in your blood

Because Sardinia is an island, it is geographically isolated. The genes of Sardinians, for the most part, have remained undiluted. Researchers discovered a genetic marker, called M26, as one found in many of the centenarians on the island and is now associated with longevity.

Who live more than 100 years?

A centenarian is a person who has reached the age of 100 years. Because life expectancies worldwide are below 100 years, the term is invariably associated with longevity. In 2012, the United Nations estimated that there were 316,600 living centenarians worldwide.

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