What was wrong with JWoww in Italy?

What happened to JWoww in Italy?

Jenni “JWoww” Farley revealed she suffered a miscarriage just before filming began on season four, which took place in Florence, Italy, during an emotional sitdown with co-star Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino in tonight’s episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

Are JWoww and Pauly still together?

JWoww is back together with 24.

While everything that went down this season between JWoww and Pauly clearly happened while she and 24 were on a break, it looks like the on-again, off-again couple has since gotten back together.

Was JWoww pregnant in Italy?

“I was a mess in Italy,” Farley told Sorrentino, 35, as the pair recalled their previous years of partying and filming the show. “Right before Italy, like three or four weeks before Italy, my grandmother passed. And me and Roger actually lost a baby, like I ended up pregnant.

Did Roger actually go to Italy?

When MTV announced that Jersey Shore was going to Italy for its fourth season in 2011, expectations for the record-breaking reality TV phenomenon were high. … As Jersey Shore creator and executive producer SallyAnn Salsano tells Bustle, actually filming Jersey Shore in Italy for 60 days was anything but easy.

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Are JWoww and Snooki still friends?

Those who were concerned about the OG Jersey Shore besties can breathe a collective sigh of relief. Because, even though Snooki left the show following co-star Angelina Pivarnick’s disastrous wedding, she and JWoww are still going strong off-camera.

Does Vinny have Girlfriend 2020?

Vinny set his sights on 24-year-old Alysse Joyner from the very beginning of the dating competition show he filmed with fellow Jersey Shore castmate Pauly D. Vinny ultimately chose Alysse to be his girlfriend in the final episode of the show. … Vinny took to Twitter to share why.

Is Pauly D dating 2020?

It’s official. DJ Pauly DelVecchio and Nikki Hall are a couple. The news was revealed on part one of the “Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D and Vinny” Season 2 reunion, which aired Thursday, Oct 1, on MTV.

How old was JWoww in Italy?

“The Situation” was 27 when the show started, and “JWoww” was 23. Guadagnino and Sammi were 22 at the time, Ortiz-Magro was 24, and Pivarnick was 23.

Does Roger visit JWoww in Italy?

Snooki calls Jionni, who breaks the sad news that Roger is not coming to Italy. He can’t get off work (what does he do again and why are we googling “Roger Matthews Occupation” at 3 a.m. when our kid needs to be up for school in a few hours)?

Did JWoww miscarry?

JWoww reveals she suffered a miscarriage in 2011

And me and Roger [Mathews] actually lost a baby, like I ended up pregnant. Not a lot of people know,” Farley, 32, revealed during Thursday night’s episode of “Jersey Shore Family Vacation.”

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Is Jersey Shore banned from Italy?

15 Real: The Mayor Of Florence Banned The Cast From Visiting Historical Sites. Although their notorious behavior made the cast of the Jersey Shore celebrities overnight, many people found those same extravagant actions to be a turn-off. In fact, their past actions and antics became a concern for the city of Florence.

Why did Roger and Jenny get divorced?

According to the court documents obtained by New Jersey’s Asbury Park Press, the reason behind the filing was “irreconcilable differences.” The complaint filed by JWoww said that the issues in their marriage “caused the breakdown of the marriage for a period of at least six months which make it appear that the marriage …

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