Does it snow in Turin in December?

The amount of rain/snow in December is normal with an average of 46mm (1.8in). This makes it the driest month of the year. The average maximum daytime temperature lies around 8.0°C (46.4°F).

Does Turin Italy get snow?

Snow in Turin generally falls at least once every year, although it is seldom very abundant; in amounts on average to 25 centimeters (10 inches) per year.

How cold does it get in Turin Italy?

In Turin, the summers are warm and humid, the winters are very cold, and it is partly cloudy year round. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 31°F to 84°F and is rarely below 24°F or above 90°F.

Does it rain a lot in Turin?

Turin is a city with a significant rainfall. Even in the driest month there is a lot of rain. … The average annual temperature in Turin is 12.0 °C | 53.6 °F. The rainfall here is around 1002 mm | 39.4 inch per year.

What are the coldest months in Italy?

The coldest month is January: the Po valley’s mean temperature is between −1–1 °C (30.2–33.8 °F), Venice 2–3 °C (35.6–37.4 °F), Trieste 4 °C (39.2 °F), Florence 5–6 °C (41.0–42.8 °F), Rome 7–8 °C (44.6–46.4 °F), Naples 9 °C (48.2 °F), and Cagliari 12 °C (53.6 °F).

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Is Turin worth visiting?

Turin is often described as one of Italy’s overlooked cities. Tucked away in the mountains, it’s out of sight and out of mind for many tourists. The city offers just as wonderful food and wine and cultural sights as the rest of the country, but without quite as many elbows to wrestle.

Is Turin Italy safe?

Just like most popular cities in Italy, Turin is a safe city. Violent crime is rarely reported and tourists are not likely to have any incidents involving anything more than petty crime.

Does it snow in Milan?

Snow in Milan usually falls at least once every year, and sometimes can be abundant, although it tends to melt soon enough.

Does it snow in Piedmont Italy?

Many parts of Piedmont will see snow in the winter months and temperatures can drop to minus 5 degrees celsius between December and February.

How often does it rain in Turin?

How much does it rain in Turin? Throughout the year, there are 80.9 rainfall days, and 981mm (38.62″) of precipitation is accumulated.

Is Spain hotter than Italy?

Yes. Spain is hotter generally but there’s not much difference and the hottest parts of Italy such as Calabria, Sicily, southern Puglia n Sardinia are more or less as hot n sunny as southern Spain.

Is winter a good time to visit Italy?

Winter is an ideal time to book a visit to Italy. In this season, prices are lower and in the cities there are fewer tourists. Also, Italy has plenty of festivals and events to keep you entertained in winter, from the Christmas festivities, to the superb Venice Carnival.

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Why is Italy so warm?

Hot summer temperatures in Northern Italy are the result of the sub-continental character of the Po Valley. The Alps and the Apennines shelter the plain from the oceanic winds. In winter, there are fog and strong inversions. In summer, there are notable heat waves.

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