Does Italy have a Supreme Court?

The Supreme Court of Cassation (Italian: Corte Suprema di Cassazione) is the highest court of appeal or court of last resort in Italy. It has its seat in the Palace of Justice, Rome.

Italian law is codified and based on Roman law, in particular as regards civil law. The codes of the kingdom of Sardinia in civil and penal affairs, derived from the Napoleonic Code, were extended to the whole of Italy when unification was achieved in the mid-19th century.

How many Supreme Court Justices does Italy have?

The justices of the Supreme Court are about 350: 1 Chief justice, 1 deputy president, 54 justices presiding over the divisions, 288 Supreme Court judges.

Is there a federal court in Italy?

Federal courts analogous to United States federal courts do not exist in Italy. … There is only one court of last resort for the territory, Corte di Cassazione,23 which is located in Rome. Courts are divided according to their specialties; there are civil courts, criminal courts and administrative courts.

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Who are the Italian Supreme Court justices?


Name Appointed by Type of membership
Giuliano Amato (1938– ) President (Giorgio Napolitano) Vice president (since 16 September 2020)
Daria de Pretis (1956– ) President (Giorgio Napolitano) Judge
Nicolò Zanon (1961– ) President (Giorgio Napolitano) Judge
Silvana Sciarra (1948– ) Parliament (17th Legislature) Judge

Is Italy guilty until proven innocent?

In Italy, the second paragraph of Article 27 of the Constitution states: “A defendant shall be considered not guilty until a final sentence has been passed.” In Romania, article 23 of the Constitution states that “any person shall be presumed innocent until found guilty by a final decision of the court”.

Who makes the rules in Italy?

Legislative powers are vested in the Italian Parliament in compliance with the Constitution and under the constraints of EU legislation and international obligations. Italian law that conflicts with fundamental rights recognised by an international treaty is considered unconstitutional (Article 117, Constitution).

What is the supreme court in Italy?

The Supreme Court of Cassation (Italian: Corte Suprema di Cassazione) is the highest court of appeal or court of last resort in Italy.

How do you address a judge in Italy?

add “president” all all the titles (speaker, member of jury) etc.

Italian translation: Illustrissimo sig. Giudice.

Summary of answers provided
4 +1 Illustrissimo sig. Giudice Angie Garbarino

What are the countries in Italy?

Italy is a country located in Southern Europe comprising the boot-shaped Italian peninsula and a number of islands including Sicily and Sardinia. Neighboring countries include Austria, France, Holy See, San Marino, Slovenia, and Switzerland.

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Does Italy have the death penalty?

The execution is not public, unless the Ministry of Justice determines otherwise. The last execution in Italy took place, on March 4, 1947. The Italian Constitution, into force since January 1948, completely abolished the death penalty for all common military and civil crimes during peacetime.

Does Italy have a jury system?

Italy does not try anyone by a jury of peers: everyone is judged by professional judges or by a panel of judges (three or five or nine).

What is a judge in Italy?

In Italy, judges are public officials and, since they exercise one of the sovereign powers of the State, only Italian citizens are eligible for judgeship. In order to become a judge, applicants must obtain a degree of higher education as well as pass written and oral examinations.

What is the Supreme Court of Cassation?

The Supreme Court of Cassation is the cassation instance for the judicial acts as provided for by law and hears cases as envisaged by law. When a matter of constitutionality is raised for consideration, the Supreme Court of Cassation may refer the matter to the Constitutional Court.

What is a cassation in law?

A court of cassation is a high-instance court that exists in some judicial systems. … In this way they differ from systems which have a supreme court which can rule on both the facts of a case and the relevant law. The term derives from the Latin cassare, “to reverse/overturn”.

What is a Constitutional Court?

The Constitutional Court is the highest court in the country when it comes to the interpretation, protection and enforcement of the Constitution. It deals exclusively with constitutional matters – those cases that raise questions about the application or interpretation of the Constitution.

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