Does Palermo have a beach?

Palermo is a vibrant city with plenty to see and do but one of the most popular reasons for a visit to this Sicily city is the beaches. There are several beaches in Sicily that are in or very near Palermo including Mondello, Aspra, Cefalu, San Vito Lo Capo, Isola delle Femmine, and Arenella. …

Are there nice beaches in Palermo?

Mondello, Cefalu, Isola delle Femmine, are just some of the places that you can find in the coastal areas of the province of Palermo.

Is Palermo near the sea?

Because in Palermo there is art, architecture, and history. But there is also the sea. Just travel a few kilometers (get on a bus or rent a car), grab a straw hat for the sun, a bag with what you need, and go.

How do you get to Palermo Beach?

3 Ways to Reach Mondello Beach from Palermo’s City Center

  1. Go to Mondello via bus (Bus Line 806)
  2. Reach Mondello Beach with a Rented Car.
  3. Taxi services in Palermo.
  4. Ride an Electric Kick Scooter to Mondello.
  5. Public beach in Mondello.
  6. Restaurant in Mondello.
  7. Gelato.
  8. Aperitivo in Mondello.
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Where can you swim in Palermo?

The Top 10 Beaches (Rocky and Sandy) You Can Reach for a Day Trip Around Palermo

  1. Mondello. Mondello beach. PROS. …
  2. Capo Gallo. Capo Gallo. PROS. …
  3. Addaura. Addaura. PROS. …
  4. Sferracavallo. Sferracavallo beach. …
  5. Capaci. Capaci beach. …
  6. Isola delle Femmine (Islet) Isola delle Femmine beach. …
  7. Cinisi. Cinisi beach. …
  8. Terrasini. Terrasini beach.

Which is better Catania or Palermo?

Catania’s cuisine easily competes with Palermo’s, and there are many excellent restaurants and trattorie in Catania as well. Palermo “may” have the edge on markets, but overall, Catania is better for shopping – You would find boutique shopping on via Etnea, as well as hypermarkets all around Catania.

Can you swim in Palermo?

Palermo is a port city with no beaches. Mondello is Palermo’s beach. Take AMAT 806 from Politeama to Mondello’s beach. Or you could take the train or SAIS Trasporti bus from Palermo to Cefalù.

How safe is Palermo?

Research conducted by the ISTAT (Italian National Institute of Statistics), Palermo, among the twelve largest cities in Italy, was the city with the lowest overall crime rate. You may be surprised to learn that the city with the highest rate of crime today is Milan, followed by Bologna and Turin.

What is the best area to stay in Palermo?

  • Where to Stay in Palermo.
  • Palermo Neighborhood Guide.
  • 5 Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Palermo.
  • #1 La Kalsa – Where to Stay in Palermo First Time.
  • #2 Mondello – Where to Stay in Palermo on a Budget.
  • #3 Borgo Vecchio – Best Area to Stay in Palermo for Nightlife.
  • #4 Monte di Pietà – Coolest Place to Stay in Palermo.
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Is Mondello Beach Safe?

Very safe to swim in. Children would love it as it isn’t very deep.

How far is Palermo to the beach?

Mondello beach is beautiful, and only 12 km north of Palermo. Simply hop on the 806 bus from the city center and you are on your way to Sicilian beach freedom. However, in summer, what should be a 30-minute bus ride can easily take an hour. If the bus even comes at all.

How much is a taxi from Palermo to Mondello Beach?

The quickest way to get from Palermo to Mondello Holidays is to taxi which costs €16 – €20 and takes 10 min.

Is Mondello Beach free?

In Mondello you can stay on the beach for free and use the toilets (no paper) and showers for free, but if you want to have a sunshade and maybe a chair you have to pay. … Beach is clean and lots of locals go there as well.

Where are the best sandy beaches in Sicily?

Sicily’s best beaches: chosen by readers

  • Caves and coves: Lo Zingaro. …
  • In Montalbano country: Sampieri. …
  • Aperitvo on the beach: Isola Bella. …
  • Dip out of Palermo: Mondello. …
  • Charming Cefalù …
  • Notable near Noto: San Lorenzo beach. …
  • Nature reserve peace: Calamosche, south of Avola. …
  • Bolthole for a princess: Filicudi.


Does Bari have a beach?

Bari itself has beautiful beaches, offering the perfect balance between comfort and nature. The most famous beach in the city is Pane e Pomodoro, an absolute must for sea-loving Bari natives right on their doorstep. Continuing south, you come across Torre a Mare and Mola di Bari with their mostly rocky coastlines.

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