How do I buy vaporetto tickets in Venice?

Where can I buy vaporetto tickets in Venice?

There are four options for buying vaporetto tickets in Venice:

  • Self-service ticket machines at major ACTV docks in Venice, including kiosks at the airport.
  • ACTV ticket windows at vaporetto docks in Venice.
  • From the vaporetto conductor after you board the waterbus.

Can you buy vaporetto tickets onboard?

Most visitors buy ACTV single-fare tickets or Tourist Travel Cards (which offer better value than the standard ticket, if you plan your boat trips to maximize your savings during the 12-hour to 7-day validity of your travel card). From an ACTV or Hellovenezia ticket outlet. … From a ticket-vending machine.

How much is a vaporetto ticket in Venice?

A single trip on a vaporetto costs €7.50 (valid for 75 minutes), whether you take the boat for one stop or for a whole Grand Canal tour.

How do you ride a vaporetto in Venice?

Traveling by vaporetto

  1. Look for an ACTV stop. ACTV waterbus stops are shown on most Venice maps, and you’ll often see signs pointing to vaporetto stops when you’re walking around the city. …
  2. Buy a ticket or pass. …
  3. Validate your ticket. …
  4. Cross the walkway to the platform. …
  5. Wait for the water bus.
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How do I validate my vaporetto ticket?

Hold your ticket within 6 cm (about 2.5 inches) of the circular panel for three seconds, or until you see a green light and hear a beep. At some stops, a gate or turnstile will open when you validate your ticket.

How much are vaporetto tickets?


One way/Single Ticket – 75 min 7,50 € BUY
48 h 30 € BUY
72 h 40 € BUY
7 days 60 € BUY
The time-limited travelcard is valid for all land and sea transport services!

How long are vaporetto tickets good for?

Vaporetto Tickets

Allows travel on all services for 60 minutes from stamping, with transport means change allowed in the same direction. Does not include the return journey.

Are there toilets on vaporetto?

If you’re in Dorsoduro, head for Ca’ Rezzonico near the Ca’ Rezzonico vaporetto stop and use the impeccably maintained toilets in the lobby. The restrooms are free, even if you don’t visit the museum upstairs, and they’re located next to the gift shop and the cloakroom on the ground floor.

What is a vaporetto stop?

A vaporetto is another name for a water taxi or water bus in Venice, operated by ACTV, the public transport authority for Venice. For the visitor to Venice you have 2 options to get around, walk or by water. If you don’t want to walk, the water bus service is the affordable way to get around. Venice transport.

Is Murano or Burano better?

If you are interested in learning more about the Venetian glass, Murano is the place to go. For those that are interested in lace, Burano is for you. Photographers will also probably prefer Burano for the colorful buildings, but keep in mind it can get very crowded at times.

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How do I get a cheap gondola ride in Venice?

TIP: For a really cheap gondola ride in Venice, you may try the traghetto gondola service. It’s a ferry service used mainly by locals who want to get from one side of the Grand Canal to the other. For just 2.5 EUR, you can cross the Grand Canal in a real Venetial gondola.

Is it safe to walk at night in Venice?

Venice gets packed during the day, but at night, especially if the fog rolls in off the Adriatic Sea, the city becomes private and magical all over again. … Venice is an exceptionally safe city, and this nighttime walk will stick to well-populated areas.

How much does the ferry cost in Venice?

A single ticket now (2021) costs at least 7.50 euros. It could be the most expensive ticket within a city in Europe. The ticket is valid for 75 minutes, you can also change ferries. Even more expensive are tickets to the airport.

How do you pay for the bus in Venice?

Holders of the Venezia Unica card can purchase or renew their pass by purchasing it from the Venezia Unica Points of Sale in the historic centre of Venice and on the mainland, or from authorized retailers, automatic ticketing machines and also through the AVM Venezia Official App after registering the Venezia Unica …

How much is a day pass in Venice?

One day: € 20 ( US$ 23.70) Two days: € 30 ( US$ 35.60) Three days: € 40 ( US$ 47.50) Seven days: € 60 ( US$ 71.20)

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