How do you express ownership in Italian?

tuo tuoi
suo suoi
nostro nostri
vostro vostri

How do you use an Illinois Suo?

È il suo. You use the singular masculine pronoun, suo because the gender for the word libro (book) is masculine. Just remember, the gender for the possessive pronoun in Italian doesn’t reflect the gender of the possessor but rather the possession.

What is the difference between Tuo and vostro?

Vostro is a singular masculine thing that belongs to more than one person (plural “you”). Tuo is a singular masculine thing that belongs to one person (singular “you”).

How many forms of my are there in Italian?

Possessive Adjectives

Possess. Adjective Masculine Singular Feminine Plural
my il mio le mie
your (fam.) il tuo le tue
your (pol.) il Suo le Sue
his, her , its il suo le sue

What is a possessive pronoun in Italian?

Possessive pronouns – Easy Learning Grammar Italian. … In English the possessive pronouns are mine, yours, his, hers, ours and theirs. You use them instead of a possessive adjective followed by a noun. For example, instead of saying My bag is the blue one, you say Mine’s the blue one.

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What is a direct pronoun in Italian?

Here are the Italian unstressed direct object pronouns: mi – me (first person singular) ti – you (second person singular) lo – him (third person masculine singular) la – her (third person feminine singular)

Is Suo formal?

Suo is only used to mean ‘your’, however, in a conversation that is formal such as an employee talking to a boss or a student talking to a teacher.

How do you use adjectives in Italian?

Unlike in English, descriptive adjectives in Italian are usually placed after the noun they modify, and with which they agree in gender and number.

  1. Adjectives generally follow the noun.
  2. Certain common adjectives, however, generally come before the noun.


What is the difference between Suo and Tuo in Italian?

The adjective remains the same regardeless of whether the owner is a male or female. Look: His house/ her house = la sua casa. His dog/ her dog = il suo cane.

Possessive Adjectives in Italian.

tuo tuoi
suo suoi
nostro nostri
vostro vostri

What is your name in Italian?

“what’s your name?” in Italian

come si chiama? come ti chiami?

Are Italian conjugations?

Verbs with infinitives ending in –are are called first-conjugation, or –are, verbs. The present tense of a regular –are verb is formed by dropping the infinitive ending –are and adding the appropriate endings to the resulting stem. There is a different ending for each person.

How do you say professional in Italian?

Italian translation of ‘professional’

  1. (capacity) professionale.
  2. (diplomat, soldier) di carriera.
  3. to turn or go professional (sport) passare al professionismo.
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