How do you say haha in Italian?

How do you say LOL in Italian?

“lol” in Italian

che ridere!

How do you text laugh in Italian?

Italy: Ah ah ah ah

While this reminds us of The Count from Sesame Street, Italians just think of his as the phonetic way of writing out the sound of laughter.

How do you say hehe in Italian?

ahahah. Are you wondering how to say “Hahaha” in Italian ? “Hahaha” is the equivalent to Ahahah in Italian, and I’m pretty sure you’ve heard it many times before already. It’s also good to know, that La tenerezza means “Cuteness” in Italian, as well as “K-pop” is Il K-pop.

How do Norwegian people laugh?

Norwegian (Høhøhø)

In Norway, its native speakers laugh like ‘Høhøhø. ‘ Long press ‘o’ on your keyboard, and then select number six from the list, which is ‘ø. ‘ Other forms of typing laughter like ‘hahaha’ still means laughter in Norwegian, but this form is more common.

What is the full form of LMAO?

Laughing My Ass Off

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What does XKE mean in Italian?

xke = perché (why, because) cmq = comunque (anyway) bc = baci (kisses) midi = mi dispiace (I’m sorry)

How do Thai laugh?

How the World Laughs on the Web

  • English – “hahaha”, “LOL”
  • Spanish – “jajaja”
  • Arabic – “ههههه” (“hhhhh” – Arabic doesn’t write short vowels, so that could be read as “hahahahaha”)
  • Thai – “55555” (“5” in Thai is pronounced “ha”)
  • French – “hahaha”, “héhéhé”


How do you say laugh in German?

You can also use:

  1. lach = “laughing”
  2. kicher = “giggling”
  3. lautlach = “laughing loudly”
  4. prust = that kind of sudden laughter that makes you spit coffee all over your monitor.
  5. pruuuuuust = like prust, but with more coffee.
  6. grins or g = “grin”
  7. frechgrins or fg = “cheeky grin” (not sure if this one is widely used, though)

How do you say LOL around the world?

The Most Common Ways To Laugh Around The World

  1. China (772 million internet users): 哈哈 呵呵
  2. India (462 million internet users): haha, lol, hehe, ek number.
  3. US (312 million internet users): haha, hehe, lol, lmao.
  4. Brazil (149 million internet users): haha, kkk, rsrs, huehue.
  5. Indonesia (143 million internet users): wkwk, xixi.


Do Germans say haha?

In German it’s hahaha, but you don’t write it that often than the spanish write “jajaja”… you put smiley-symbols, write *lol* (laughing out loud/ some say “lots of laugh”), *rofl* (rolling on floor laughing), *g* (grins=smile) or something like that.

How do you say haha in different languages?

So, I know about the following languages:

  1. English – “hahaha”
  2. Spanish – “jajaja”
  3. Arabic – “ههههه” (“hhhhh” – Arabic doesn’t write short vowels, so that could be read as “hahahahaha”)
  4. Thai – “55555” (“5” in Thai is pronounced “ha”)
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What does Haha mean from a girl?

1. Hahaha. The term haha usually means that she no longer wants to chat any further than she already has. She wants to end the conversation right there because she is bored and has better things to deal with. These happen is some cases, while in others the girl means the Hahaha.

What Hahaha means?

The feel-good standard in chat laughter is the simple, classic “haha”: a respectful laugh. “Haha” means you’re genuinely amused, and that maybe you laughed a little in real life.

What does Xaxaxa mean?

hahaha is used in Greek. The word xaxaxa is used in Greek meaning hahaha.

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