How do you spell the girl’s name Sicily?

“Sicily s(i)-ci-ly as a girl’s name (also used as boy’s name sicily). place name: large island off italy. many italian immigrants to america have their roots in sicily. sicily has 3 variant forms: sicilia, sicillia and sicilly.

How do you spell Sicily girls name?


  1. Sicily Name Origin: Italian.
  2. Pronunciation: s(i)-ci-ly.
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How do you spell the name Sicilia?

Italian, Catalan (Sicília), Aragonese, and Spanish: habitational name for someone from the island of Sicily (the Latin, Italian, Aragonese, and Spanish name of which is Sicilia, Catalan Sicília).

Can Sicily be a name?

The name Sicily is primarily a female name of English origin that means From Sicily, Italy. Named after the Sicels people who settled in the region.

Is Helmi a girl’s name?

Helmi is a given name. In Estonian and Finnish feminine given name literally meaning pearl or bead. The name is derived from the Proto-Baltic-Finnic *helmes, or ‘amber’. … The name was the 10th most popular name for baby girls born in Finland in 2007.

Is Sicily a girl name?

Sicily as a girl’s name refers to a large island off Italy. Many Italian immigrants to America have their roots in Sicily.

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What does the name cicily mean?

Cicily as a girl’s name is of Latin/Old Welsh origin meaning “blind; sixth”.

What does the name Sicilia mean?

Sicilia as a girl’s name is of Latin/Old Welsh origin meaning “blind; sixth”.

What does Sicily mean in English?

Sicilynoun. An autonomous region and island of Italy.

How common is the name Sicily?

How Common Is The Last Name Ceylan? It is the 3,788th most frequent family name on a global scale, borne by around 1 in 49,245 people.

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