Is February a good time to visit Venice?

Visiting Venice In February – The Definitive Guide. … February is the best time to explore the city in its avatars as an idyllic European town awaiting spring, and kicking up a riot at the year’s most awaited festival – the Carnival!

When should you avoid Venice?

We believe July and August are two months to avoid. Although the weather will be at its best with warm temperatures and almost no rain, it will be very crowded. Through the city’s own crowds tool, Venetian local authorities advise tourists to come during other months.

How hot is Venice in February?

The average temperature only reaches a high of 8°C (that’s about 46°F) and can fall to as low as 1°C (about 34°F). Warm clothing is a necessity, such as overcoats, hats, gloves and scarves, while visiting Venice during this time. The beginning of February enjoys around 9:45 hours of sunlight.

What’s on in Venice in February?

Venice in February: 7 Not to Miss Experiences

  • A Night at the Opera. Photo via Facebook/TeatroLaFenice. …
  • Eat Like a Local. …
  • Escape the Cold Inside the Gallerie dell’Accademia. …
  • Revel in the Carnival. …
  • Day Trip to Burano. …
  • Warm Up in a Cioccolateria. …
  • Marvel at the Mall.
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Does it rain in Venice in February?

With an average temperature of 8°C and lows of 1°C, February is a very cool time to visit Venice. There are ten hours of sunshine per day, which has increased by an hour from last month. … There are quite a lot of cloudy days in February with an average rainfall of 54mm over nine days.

What time of year does Venice smell?

Venice is well known for its smell. Its stinking canals in summer can be almost as overwhelming as its beauty – and both are man-made.

What should you not do in Venice?

9 Things *Not* To Do In Venice

  • Do NOT go to Harry’s Bar. …
  • Do NOT touch the canals. …
  • Do NOT get in the gondola. …
  • Do NOT bother with Murano and Borano. …
  • Do NOT get attached to the idea of breakfast as you know it. …
  • Do NOT arrive by cruise ship. …
  • Do NOT visit in the summer. …
  • Do NOT bring a roll-aboard.


Is it expensive in Venice?

Venice is more expensive than some places but that is to be expected as getting things in and around has extra logistical challenges. We’ve been going for over 20 years and only paid near those prices for special drinks in St Mark’s Square which we expected.

Is Venice warm in February?

Venice is still in the throes of winter in February, although it is warmer than January and day time temperatures reach around 8°C. It is often cloudy, and there is likely a chance of rain, thankfully the days of acqua alta are far behind!

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Is Venice busy in February?

February, during Carnevale, is the exception, when rates are high, crowds are vast and there are numerous events to take part in. This season can bring some flooding, particularly at St. Mark’s Square and along Zatteree at the southern edge of Venice, though it’s unlikely to significantly affect sightseeing plans.

Is Rome good in February?

Very much a winter month and therefore still mostly cold and with the occasional rainy day, February is also the time when spring slowly comes back to Rome and the result is surprisingly pleasant. … This is a great time for sightseeing and, if you have kids, to enjoy the fun atmosphere of the Rome carnival!

How is Italy in February?

In February, Italy is still experiencing winter weather, with cool temperatures across the country. The north is generally much cooler than the milder southern regions, so if you want a marginally warmer climate head to Rome or Sicily.

What is there to do in Venice in winter?

10 Reasons to Visit Venice This Winter

  • Venice Carnevale. …
  • Campo San Polo Ice Rink. …
  • Hot Chocolate at Caffè Florian. …
  • Saint Mark’s Basilica. …
  • Gondola Rides. …
  • Teatro La Fenice. …
  • Libreria Acqua Alta. …
  • Club del Doge.


Is it expensive to eat out in Venice?

Most restaurants in Venice have a service charge. This is called “coperto“. … Even though Venice is an expensive city, there are plenty of options! You can also eat for around 12€, sitting in a restaurant, we are including these places on the list.

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What is the coldest month in Venice?

January is the coldest month, in Venice. The average lowest and highest temperatures in January in Venice are between +4°C (39°F) and +7°C (45°F).

Where will be hot in February?

Where’s hot in February?

Country City Average temperature in February
America Orlando 16°C / 61°F
Mexico Cancun 23°C / 74°F
Canary Islands Lanzarote 18°C / 64°F
Canary Islands Tenerife 17°C / 63°F
Sunny Italy