Is Lake Como Italy polluted?

Research has found evidence for recent contamination of Lake Como, northern Italy, with chemicals banned in the EU since the 1970s. … The results suggest glacial meltwater as a source for renewed DDT contamination and show recent contamination of fish above safe levels.

Is it safe to swim in Lake Como?

Re: Is Lake Como safe to swim in? Lake Como is not polluted, but it’s a lake, so it’s not ideal for swimming because of the moss on the shores, the dark water (it’s extremely deep, after a few metres from the shore it’s often more than 10mt deep) and the chilly temperature.

Is Lake Como Water clear?

The water is clean and pure, born in a unique environment. During it directly from the bottle, coming in a world within a world; a vision of Lake Como between health and taste.

Can you swim in the Italian lakes?

One of the best ways to experience the area’s tranquility as well as its sophisticated ambience is to head to one of the grand hotel swimming pools that line the waterfronts of Lake Como, Lake Garda, Lake Iseo and Lake Maggiore. … Here are five of the best.

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Are there snakes in Lake Como?

adders are found in the countryside, and water snakes are found in the water. But both are common, as any outdoorsy person knows.

Is Lake Como Italy expensive?

Re: Is Lake Como an expensive place? It does not have to be expensive, but can be if you want it to be expensive. Typically I pay abot €11 for lunch in a bar and about €15 for dinner in a trattoria for dinner in the evening (both including wine). Restaurants will be more expensive.

Is Bellagio Lake Como expensive?

Bellagio, Varenna, and Menaggio are the towns you seem to hear about most – but these are the most expensive and can be the hardest to get to. If you’re somewhat pressed for time, money, or convenience, consider Lecco or Como.

Are there crocodiles in Lake Como?

In 1957, a diver in a Bathysphere reported seeing a strange beast in the lake at a depth of 328 feet, saying that it had a head like a crocodile and feet like a reptile. … The monster even became the subject of a book published in 2000, ‘Il Lariosaurio’ by Giovanni Galli.

Can you swim in Lake Como Menaggio?

Menaggio. Lido di Menaggio. This is a great place to spend your time, all within one of the most charming towns of Lake Como. The beach is suitable for the whole family, with two swimming pools and some games for children.

The lake is famous for the natural beauty of its setting and for the handsome villas on its shores. Among the many noted lakeside resorts are Como, Lecco, Bellagio, Tremezzo, Menaggio, and Varenna. Several towns are connected by steamer services.

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Which is the prettiest of the Italian lakes?

10 Most Beautiful Lakes in Italy

  • Lake Bolsena. As you stand on the hills overlooking Lake Bolsena, it’s almost as if you can see forever. …
  • Lake Ledro. …
  • Lake Lugano. …
  • Lake Trasimeno. …
  • Lake Bracciano. …
  • Lake Iseo. …
  • Lake Orta. …
  • Lake Maggiore.


Which is better to visit Lake Como or Lake Garda?

The general perception is that Lake Garda is more touristy and crowded than Lake Como. … On the other hand, Lake Como is developed all the way around the lake… but with scattered villages that range between touristy and crowded and the more “authentic.” (Como, Bellagio, and Varenna are especially popular with visitors).

Are there mosquitoes in Lake Como?

Although the mosquito problem seems somewhat less severe than in previous years, your are bound to have close encounters also at Lake Como. Repellents can be bought everywhere, take the ones with at least 20% deet and you are safe. The trick is to spray in time, before you notice that the beasts have arrived.

Are there bears in Lake Como Italy?

The Brown Bear (Ursus Arctos) is making a successful return to the Alps, particularly in the Trentino area which is where those bears seen around Lake Como originate from. This bear hotspot is above Dervio between the hamlets of Premana and Primaluna. …

Is it worth visiting Lake Como?

With a faded veneer of old money gentility, picturesque Victorian gardens and lakeshore restaurants, Lake Como is well worth a visit – even with the hoards of tourists who flock here each summer.

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Which is the best town to stay in Lake Como?

Bellagio – Best area to stay in Lake Como for nightlife. Set at the centre of Lake Como, where the two legs of the lake split, is Bellagio. The busiest and one of the best-known towns in the region, Bellagio is a tourist hot spot that caters to travellers of all ages and styles.

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