Is Sardinia part of Sicily?

Sicily and Sardinia are the two largest islands in the Mediterranean, in that order. Both are part of Italy, and both are popular vacation destinations for mainland Italians and international travelers wanting beautiful beaches, delicious food and wine, charming small towns, archeological sites, and warm sunshine.

Which country does Sardinia belong to?

Sardinia, Italian Sardegna, island and regione (region) of Italy, second in size only to Sicily among the islands of the western Mediterranean.

Is Sardinia the same as Sicily?

Nevertheless, in the literal and “social identity” senses of the question, both Sardinia and Sicily are two islands separate from the Italian mainland and, if you ask people here what their nationality is, though, you are just as likely to hear “Sardinian” and “Sicilian” as ‘Italian’.

Where in Italy is Sardinia?

Sardinia is Located West of Italy:

Basically Sardinia is the big Italian island located West of the Italian peninsula (separated by the “Tyrrhenian Sea“), and East of the the Balearic Islands (Spain, they’re separated by the so called “Sardinian Sea“).

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Should I go to Sicily or Sardinia?

Though Sicily has its beaches and resorts, they tend not to be as developed as you might find on Sardinia. Historical site abound. The interior too is rugged, and day trips could involve nature, but also offer more established cities and towns. It really is a matter of personal preference!

Is Sardinia cheap or expensive?

However, let me be clear: while Sardinia isn’t the most expensive place to visit, you want to be realistic. You can’t expect to visit the island on a €5 per day budget – that simply won’t happen, and not even if you travel in the off season and only stick to local places.

Is English spoken in Sardinia?

Italian is the first language of Sardinia, although the rich Sardinian language, Sardo is still widely spoken by 78% of the population. … Many Sardinia’s will speak English as their second language and younger Sardinina’s are likely to have been taught English at school.

Which is better Corsica or Sardinia?

Sardinia has more great beaches, but Corsica has quaint mountain villages and secluded coves. Sardinia has the best seafood and pasta, but Corsica has unique stews and cheeses. Sardinia has more historical sights, but Corsica has more lush and green landscapes. Sardinia is a bit more affordable than Corsica.

What food is Sardinia famous for?

In our opinion these are the 10 Sardinian top dishes which you should definetely taste during your visit in Sardinia:

  • Seafood Fregola with saffron. …
  • Zuppa gallurese. …
  • Suckling pig or “porcheddu” …
  • Spaghetti with sea urchin. …
  • Bottarga. …
  • Culurgiones. …
  • Octopus salad. …
  • Lamb with artichokes.
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Which is bigger Sicily or Sardinia?

From spectacular ocean views in every direction, food and wine to make you weak at the knees and buzzing capital cities, it’s fair to say that Sardinia and Sicily share similar traits.

Sicily Vs Sardinia: Which Italian Island Paradise is Calling For You?

Sicily Sardinia
Area 25,711 km2 24,090 km2
Population 5.082 million (2015) 1.663 million (2015)

Is Sardinia safe for tourists?

Travel to Sardinia is incredibly safe—in fact, this island is one of the safest places to visit in the Italian kingdom. … There are prehistoric dwellings known as “nuraghi” scattered all throughout, and you are sure to encounter one while you travel in Sardinia.

How do you get from Italy to Sardinia?

Ferries from Italy to Sardinia

Ferries depart from Civitavecchia (about 50 miles from Rome), with connections to Olbia, Arbatax and Cagliari; Genoa, with connections to Porto Torres and Olbia; Livorno and Piombino, with connections to Olbia and Golfo Aranci; Naples and Palermo, both with connections to Cagliari.

Is Sardinia considered southern Italy?

The regions that are generally considered to be in Southern Italy are: Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Molise, Puglia, and the two islands of Sardinia and Sicily.

Is Sicily cheaper than Italy?

Sicily is relatively cheap compared to Northern Italy. If you must, it is possible to get by on 35 EUR per day as long as you have a tent and stay on a camping site and buy your food from local shops. (But 50 EUR per day and person are a far more sensible budget.)

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Which airport do you fly into for Sardinia?

Cagliari Airport is the main gateway to Sardinia. It serves the most travelers, and handles the most international flights, from across Europe. Alghero and Olbia are much smaller airports but are located well for linking the north of Sardinia with Europe.

Are Sardinians short?

Sardinia is known as a blue zone, which means it has a remarkably high percentage of long-lived people. Sardinians are shorter than people in the rest of Europe and tend to live longer.

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