Is there a cliffside castle in Puglia Italy?

Situated in the province of Taranto, Massafra, the castle is a proof of Norman architecture. It was built on a cliff overviewing the town and it has a square plan to which an octagonal tower was later added to the ones already built.

Where is this circular fortress Apulia Italy?

Castel del Monte (Italian for “Castle of the Mountain”; Barese: Castìdde du Monte) is a 13th-century citadel and castle situated on a hill in Andria in the Apulia region of southeast Italy.

What city is Castel del Monte in?

Castel del Monte, located in the municipality of Andria, rises on a rocky hill dominating the surrounding countryside of the Murgia region in southern Italy near the Adriatic Sea. A unique piece of medieval architecture, it was completed in 1240.

What is the Castel del Monte made of?

The exterior of the Castel del Monte looks like a fortress. It has massive walls, corner towers, loopholes and portcullis gates; the finely jointed masonry is composed of large limestone ashlar blocks. The interior, however, reveals that it was conceived as a hunting-lodge, with every possible comfort.

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How big is Castel del Monte?

Castel del Monte, Abruzzo

Castel del Monte
• Total 57.83 km2 (22.33 sq mi)
Elevation 1,346 m (4,416 ft)
Population (31 December 2013)
• Total 467

Where can you find this octagonal castle by the sea?

Built on a rocky hill overlooking the Murge plateau in southern Italy near the Adriatic Sea, the fortress is an octagonal prism with an octagonal tower at each corner. Both floors have eight rooms and an eight-sided courtyard occupies the castle’s center. The castle’s symbolism still intrigues scholars.

Where in Italy is Alberobello?

Alberobello (Italian: [ˌalberoˈbɛllo]; literally “beautiful tree”; Barese: Ajarubbédde) is a small town and comune of the Metropolitan City of Bari, Apulia, southern Italy. It has 10,735 inhabitants and is famous for its unique trullo buildings.

Where was the American filmed?

Filming began in September 2009 and took place in Castel del Monte, Sulmona, Castelvecchio Calvisio, Calascio and Campo Imperatore in the Province of L’Aquila (Abruzzo); in Rome, and in Östersund, Jämtland and other locations.

Is Abruzzo in southern Italy?

Abruzzo is considered a region of Southern Italy in terms of its culture, language, history, and economy, though in terms of physical geography it may also be considered part of Central Italy.

Is there a circular fortress in Apulia Italy?

Castel del Monte was built by the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II in the 13th century. Castel del Monte is built in an octagonal shape, with each of the eight corners sporting an octagonal tower. This makes the geometric design of this fortress (Frederick II built many castles in Apulia) unique, certainly at that time.

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Why was the Castel del Monte built?

For its octagonal shape and location, Castel del Monte probably wasn’t built as a military castle. Instead, considering Frederick II’s love for art and architecture and the importance of the “light” during the Middle Age, Castel del Monte was built as a symbol of the Kingdom.

Who invented the word castle?

English word castle comes from Proto-Indo-European *kes-, Proto-Indo-European *kat-, and later Old French (842-ca. 1400) chastel (Castle, fortress.).

What does Castel mean?

The name Castel is primarily a gender-neutral name of Spanish origin that means To The Castle.

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