Is there a train from Genoa to Portofino?

How do I get from Genoa to Portofino?

The best way to get from Genoa to Portofino is to train which takes 1h 53m and costs €6 – €40. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs €6 and takes 2h 12m.

How do I get to Portofino by train?

If you want to reach Portofino by train, you have to take one from Genova Brignole station (Regional, Regional Veloce or Inter City) and get off at Santa Margherita Ligure. From here you can take a taxi or bus 82.

Is there a ferry from Genoa to Portofino?

Our boats to Portofino with departure from Genoa will give You the chance to admire one of the most famous areas of Italy sailing along the locations of Nervi, Recco, Camogli and San Fruttuoso.


DEPARTURE Genova Porto Antico Genova Nervi
Timetable 09:00 09:30

How do I get to Portofino?

Portofino can be reached by ferry from Santa Margherita Ligure, Rapallo, Camogli, Cinque Terre and Genoa. The closest train station is in Santa Margherita Ligure, where there’s a bus connection to Portofino. Portofino is known for its colorfully painted buildings that line the shore.

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Is Portofino Italy expensive?

Portofino, the town, is typical of most small Italian towns. … Reportedly this town is a favorite of the rich yachting set. Everything is far more expensive than nearby Santa Margherita Ligure. Tourists visiting Portofino should be aware that dining or drinking can be very expensive.

Does Genoa have a beach?

Genoa itself boasts over 35 kilometres of delightful beaches, which are all worth a visit. Reachable by bus from the city centre in less than twenty minutes, the district of Boccadasse is home to a small village with a beautiful port and an enchanting pebble beach guarded by tall, historical buildings.

Is Portofino worth visiting?

Portofino Italy is worth a visit

Portofino is definitely worth a visit, but it depends on what you are into. If you want to step foot on Portofino to say you’ve been there, then great. We decided to take the ferry from Santa Margherita Ligure and the ferry drops you off on the west side of Portofino’s port.

What is Portofino famous for?

Portofino is a picturesque fishing village with multicolored houses facing a harbor with crystalline green water. It became famous for its “Dolce Vita”; in fact, many actors, actresses, pop stars, and rich nobles began to frequent it for its sunsets, breathtaking views, and exclusive parties.

Which airport do you fly to for Portofino?

The closest major airport to Portofino is the Christopher Columbus airport in Genoa (Aeroporto Cristoforo Colombo di Genova – (IATA: GOA)). From there you can rent a car, as it is a relatively short (22 1/4 miles, 35.8 km) ride.

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Can you walk from Santa Margherita to Portofino?

There’s a pleasant and direct hike from Santa Margherita Ligure to Portofino that provides excellent views of the south side of the Portofino Promontory. Overviews of SML will give way to glimpses of old villas and old farms. You’ll pass little chapels and have the coast laid out in front of you like a travel brochure.

How do I get from Genoa airport to Portofino?

The quickest way to get from Genoa Airport (GOA) to Portofino is to taxi which costs 50€ – 65€ and takes 39 min. How far is it from Genoa Airport (GOA) to Portofino? It is 31 km from Genoa Airport (GOA) to Portofino. It is approximately 47.2 km to drive.

How far is Venice from Genoa Italy?

The distance between Genoa and Venice is 290 km.

Which is better Portofino or Cinque Terre?

cinque terre is more rugged and less upscale. portofino is a beuatiful natural park with lots of hikes and things to do – you can take a ferry trip to cinque terre if you wish from there.

Does Portofino have a train station?

There is no train station in Portofino, only in Santa Margherita.

Where can I sleep in Portofino?

  • Hotel Piccolo Portofino. Hotel in Portofino. …
  • Splendido, A Belmond Hotel, Portofino. Hotel in Portofino. …
  • Albergo Nazionale. Hotel in Portofino. …
  • Eden. Hotel in Portofino. …
  • Eight Hotel Portofino. Hotel in Portofino. …
  • Splendido Mare, A Belmond Hotel, Portofino. Hotel in Portofino. …
  • B&B Tre Mari Portofino -Nestled in Nature- …
  • Clara’s House.
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