Is UK driving Licence valid in Italy?

You can drive in Italy with a UK driving licence, insurance and vehicle documents. … If you move to Italy with your British-registered car, you must re-register your car with Italian licence plates within 60 days or you risk your car being impounded.

Do UK drivers need international Licence for Italy?

A full and valid UK photocard driver’s licence lets you drive in Italy and all European Union countries. … An IDP won’t be required to drive your own car in Italy if you have a photocard licence. However, if you’re planning on renting a car, the hire company may require you to have an IDP in addition to your licence.

Do you need an international driver’s license to drive in Italy?

Americans visiting Italy as tourists and intending to drive should obtain an International Driving Permit before leaving the U.S. Tourists may also use their valid American driver’s license if accompanied by an official translation in Italian. …

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Can I rent a car in Italy with a UK driving Licence?

You will always need your regular driving licence with you whenever you hire a car.

Popular rental countries for British drivers.

Driving licence issued in Country you’re renting in Do you need an International Driving Permit?
UK Italy No
UK France No
UK Ireland No
UK Portugal No

Is my UK driving Licence valid in Europe?

Yes, most UK drivers are still able to use their normal driving licence to drive in EU countries. There are some exceptions and what is called an International Driving Permit (IDP) may be needed. An IDP can be bought at Post Offices for £5.50.

Can I drive in Italy with UK Licence after Brexit?

If you have been resident in Italy for more than 12 months then you can continue to use your valid UK licence until 31 December 2021. If you are resident in Italy after 1 January 2021 your valid UK licence will be recognised for 12 months from the date you became resident. Driving in Italy.

How long can you drive in the UK on a foreign Licence?

International licence holders visiting the UK can drive on their valid foreign licence for up to 12 months from when they become resident. – If your licence is from the European Economic Area, you can use it until you turn 70 years old.

Can you rent a car in Italy without an international driver’s license?

Italian law requires drivers that don’t have a European Union driving license to show their home country license as well as an International Driving Permit if (or when) they’re pulled over, and your rental car company may or may not require one or even ask about one when you put down a credit card to confirm your …

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Is driving in Italy difficult?

Driving in Italy for many foreigners is like a nightmare. Sometimes we must admit that could be tough, but this happens mostly in the biggest city, such as Rome, Naples or Florence. Driving in Italy may be also tricky because of us, the Italians. …

Which country driving Licence is valid in Italy?

Any driving licence issued by an EU-State (+ Switzerland, Norway, Iceland) is valid in Italy.

How do I change my UK driving Licence to Italy?

To exchange your licence you will need to provide:

  1. A completed application form called a TT 2112 form, which your local ACI office or Italian Ministry of Transport agency can provide.
  2. Your current licence + a photocopy of the front and back of the licence.
  3. A valid identity document, for example a UK passport + a photocopy.


How long can I drive a UK car in Italy?

According to the UK Government, you can take your car abroad for up to 12 months. However, in Italy you are only allowed to import the vehicle for up to six months in any period of 12 months. Therefore, if you plan to keep your UK car in Italy for longer than six months, it must be registered in Italy.

Can I use public transport in Italy?

The major cities have metro systems

Tickets can be bought in the metro stations and cost €1.50. Using public transit can be intimidating anywhere, so get a local’s perspective on how to best utilize the metro wherever you’re staying in Italy. Locals can give suggestions based on how you like to travel.

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Can I drive in Spain with a UK license after Brexit?

A new post-Brexit agreement has yet to be signed which could leave hundreds without access to their vehicle within weeks. UK nationals living in Spain are currently allowed to use their UK driving licence until June 30th at the latest.

Can I drive in Ireland with a UK Licence after Brexit?

In a no-deal Brexit scenario, as a resident in Ireland, your UK driving licence will not be valid to drive here in Ireland.

Can I drive in France with a UK license?

A full, valid UK driving licence is required. … You must be 18 or over to drive in France. Drivers will need additional proof of car insurance in the form of a Green Card. This is an international certificate of insurance – a physical document that drivers must take with them when travelling.

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