What do children hide in their father’s napkin in Italy at Christmas?

Italian children, like American youngsters, write special letters at Christmas time. … The children hide the letters in a tovagliolo (napkin) or under their father’s plate before il pranzo di Natale (the Christmas meal).

How do they decorate for Christmas in Italy?

The main focus of decorations continues to be the presepe, a nativity scene, or creche. Almost every church has a presepe, and they are often found outdoors in a piazza (plaza) or public area.

What are Italy Christmas traditions?

One old Italian custom is that children go out Carol singing and playing songs on shepherds pipes, wearing shepherds sandals and hats. On Christmas Eve, it’s common that no meat (and also sometimes no dairy) is eaten. Often a light seafood meal is eaten and then people go to the Midnight Mass service.

What do the parents in Italy do with the Christmas letters?

This letter-writing tradition in Italy is all about feeling thankful. … In Italy, it’s customary for children to write letters to their parents, thanking them and expressing their love. The letters are generally decorated and tied up in a bow, like a gift in and of itself!

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What are 3 traditions in Italy?

Here are eight for your list:

  • Epiphany and La Befana. Throughout Florence, it is tradition for an old woman to deliver gifts to children on Epiphany Eve. …
  • Carnevale. …
  • Florentine New Year. …
  • Scoppio del Carro. …
  • Patron Saint Feast Day. …
  • Notte Bianca. …
  • Festa della Rificolana. …
  • Republic Day.


Where is the best place to spend Christmas in Italy?

Top five places to visit in Italy during Christmas

  • Christmas in Bolzano. Bolzano is the capital city of the province of South Tyrol in Northern Italy. …
  • Christmas in Naples. Ever heard of the Italian holiday tradition, the “feast of the seven fishes”? …
  • Christmas in Cortina D’Ampezzo. …
  • Christmas in Venice. …
  • Christmas in Sicily.


What is Santa Claus called in Italy?

The Story of Befana, The Italian Santa Claus.

What do they eat on Christmas Day in Italy?

In Northern Italy, Lasagne Bolognese and filled pasta like manicotti and ravioli are traditional Christmas fare. Next comes the main event, the meat. Roasted veal, baked chicken, sausages or braised beef are common Natale entrées worth celebrating.

Who delivers Christmas presents in Italy?

In Italian folklore, Befana (pronounced [beˈfaːna]) is an old woman who delivers gifts to children throughout Italy on Epiphany Eve (the night of January 5) in a similar way to St. Nicholas or Santa Claus. A popular belief is that her name derives from the Feast of Epiphany (Italian: Festa dell’Epifania).

What is the most important tradition in Italy?

Italian traditions are directly connected to Italian’s ancestors, which tells us even more about Italian history. One of the most known and requested traditions is the Carnival of Venice , usually celebrated between the first and last week of February.

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Who do children in Italy write letters to at Christmas time?

Children write letters to St Nicholas asking for gifts and they hang up either a sock or put a plate on the table on Nicholas day’s eve. Sometimes even a St Nicholas visits the homes of children. Then children sing a Christmas carol or recite a poem.

Is Christmas Eve more important than Christmas?

No way, because Christmas Eve celebrations are so much better than the official holiday itself. … It’s still a major part of the holiday without being the actual holiday. You can do everything you normally do on Christmas Eve that you do on Christmas Day, but you also have a lot more to look forward to.

Does it snow in Italy in December?

Weather in Italy in December

December isn’t always Italy’s coldest month, but it’s close. Snow is common in many parts of the country, particularly in the mountains and at higher elevations, and even sometimes at sea level (snow falling in Venice is one of the most beautiful winter scenes you’ll see in Italy).

What are the family traditions in Italy?

Italians go to church regularly, where they pray and share their traditions. Italians embrace any reason to get together with family. They celebrate most Christian holidays, including Christmas and Easter. The Monday after Easter is usually celebrated with family picnics to mark spring’s arrival.

What are some unique traditions in Italy?

Check out these 5 bizarre – but fun – Italian traditions.

  • 5 Oddball but Fun Italian Traditions.
  • La Befana. You know witches? …
  • Ballo della pupa. If the Christmas Witch doesn’t seem bizarre or fun enough for you, then you’ll love the Ballo della pupa.
  • Il volo dell’Angelo. …
  • Calcio Fiorentino. …
  • La coppa dell’amicizia.
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What food is Italy known for?

The cuisine of Italy has many unique dishes and foods.

  • Zuppe e salse (soups and sauces)
  • Pane (bread)
  • Common pizzas.
  • Pasta varieties.
  • Pasta dishes.
  • Rice dishes.
  • Pesce (fish dishes)
  • Carne (meat dishes and cured meats)
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