What do I need to bring my wife to Italy?

Which documents are required for Italy spouse visa?

When applying to get an Italian visa as the spouse of an Italian national/citizen, you must provide the following additional documents:

  • Proof of Italian citizenship (ID card or consular card or certification of Italian nationality or naturalization order).
  • Italian marriage certificate.
  • Italian family record book.


Can I live in Italy if my wife is Italian?

In most cases, the Italian government only allows the individual requesting citizenship by descent (jure sanguinis) to reside in Italy throughout the entire application process while the non – Italian spouse is generally not allowed to stay in Italy throughout the process.

Can I bring my spouse under student visa in Italy?

You can apply for visa for your family (spouse, dependent children) at the Italian Embassy or Consulate in your home country. … Please note that accompanying relatives cannot work or study in Italy. It is also not possible to change your visa status once you are in Italy.

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Can spouses of Italian citizens travel to Italy?

The family reasons visa allows entrance in Italy to: a relative(spouse, children, or dependent parents)of a non-EU citizen holding a regular Italian Permit of stay. In this case you need a “nulla osta” (entry clearance) issued no more than 6 months earlier by the competent “Sportello Unico” (Unified Immigration Desk).

How much does Italy visa cost?

How much does an Italy Visa Application cost?

Types of Italy Visas Visa Validity Visa Fees
Italy Tourist Visa 6 Months INR 7,199/-
Italy Business Visa 6 Months INR 7,199/-

Can spouses work Italy?

With a Missione Visa and Missione Soggiorno Permit, you are eligible for employment on base with the U.S. Forces. To be employed in Italy by someone other than the U.S. Forces (U.S. Forces would include GS, NAF, and U.S. Government contracted positions) requires an Italian Work Visa and Work Permit.

Can I work in Italy if I marry an Italian?

The foreign national citizen who is married to an Italian citizen does not automatically acquire Italian citizenship, but must submit an application to the Prefecture’s Office after at least two years or marriage (if children are involved, this time is reduced to one year).

How long does it take to register a marriage in Italy?

The answer is: usually 2-3 days are enough, there are no residency requirements, but depending on your nationality and city of your marriage, you may need to be in Italy at least 10 days before getting married.

How long can you stay in Italy if you own property?

An American passport allows you to spend up to 90 days in any 180 day period, happily exploring the country and the culture. An American can even buy property In Italy. But you are held to a maximum stay of 90 days, which works for people with summer homes. However.

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How long can I stay in Italy with a visa?

Visas of this category allow holders to stay in Italy from 91 to 365 days only for purposes of study, work or permanent residency. Throughout the duration of the visa, holders may also spend up to 90 days, in each 6-month period, in any other Schengen country for tourism purposes only.

Can spouse work on dependent visa in Italy?

If the spouse is not an EU citizen, he or she will probably have a non-working visa (Visto per familiari al seguito) and will not be able to work. If eligible, a spouse’s ability to find a job will depend on his or her Italian language skills, level of education and degree, assuming it is recognized in Italy.

Can I sponsor my brother to Italy?

grandparents, siblings, adult children, aunts, and uncles are all included among the protected family members who cannot be returned to their country of origin or any other. These family members are eligible for a residence permit in Italy according to Article 28 of Implementing Regulation of 31 August 1999 no. 394.

Can I visit my husband in Italy?

However, by means of presidential decree of 7 September 2020 Italy opened its borders to travellers from restricted countries (not including those from which travel is banned) who are unmarried partners – who have a proven and stable relationship, even if not living together – of EU citizens and of NON-EU citizens who …

Can I travel to see my partner in Italy?

Italy has begun allowing foreign partners who are abroad to enter Italy to join an Italian citizen or resident with whom they have a stable relationship, even if they are not cohabiting.

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Important Note on the Validity of the Italian Marriage Certificate in the United States: A foreign marriage that is valid in the country where it is performed is automatically valid in the U.S. An Italian marriage certificate is sufficient to prove your marriage and it is considered valid once legalized through the …

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