What do the parents in Italy do with the Christmas letters?

In Italy, it’s customary for children to write letters to their parents, thanking them and expressing their love. … It doesn’t stop there – the tradition is for the letters to be read aloud to the family right after the customary Italian Christmas lunch, so if you have a big family, make sure to alot some time!

What do children hide in their father’s napkin in Italy at Christmas?

Italians in the northern part of the country began decorating alberi di Natale after World War II, and the rest of the country has since embraced this tradition. … The children hide the letters in a tovagliolo (napkin) or under their father’s plate before il pranzo di Natale (the Christmas meal).

Why do they burn the letters in Italy?

An Islamic centre in northern Italy has received a letter warning Muslims they will “burn in the mosques” if they don’t leave the country. The anonymous, typed letter was sent from Turin to the Islamic centre in Imperia, Liguria, Il Secolo XIX reported. … “There are 60 million Italian citizens.

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Who brings Christmas presents in Italy?

In Italian folklore, Befana (pronounced [beˈfaːna]) is an old woman who delivers gifts to children throughout Italy on Epiphany Eve (the night of January 5) in a similar way to St. Nicholas or Santa Claus. A popular belief is that her name derives from the Feast of Epiphany (Italian: Festa dell’Epifania).

Who do children in Italy write letters to at Christmas time?

Children write letters to St Nicholas asking for gifts and they hang up either a sock or put a plate on the table on Nicholas day’s eve. Sometimes even a St Nicholas visits the homes of children. Then children sing a Christmas carol or recite a poem.

What are 3 traditions in Italy?

Here are eight for your list:

  • Epiphany and La Befana. Throughout Florence, it is tradition for an old woman to deliver gifts to children on Epiphany Eve. …
  • Carnevale. …
  • Florentine New Year. …
  • Scoppio del Carro. …
  • Patron Saint Feast Day. …
  • Notte Bianca. …
  • Festa della Rificolana. …
  • Republic Day.


What is Santa Claus called in Italy?

The Story of Befana, The Italian Santa Claus.

What letters are missing from the Italian alphabet?

The Italian alphabet looks just like the English one on the surface, but a few letters are omitted. These letters are “j,” “k,” “w,” “x” and “y,” and they’re not naturally present in the Italian language.

How is Christmas in Italian?

Origin of the name. The term “Natale” derives from the Latin natalis and the Greetings formulas in Italian are “Buon Natale” (Merry Christmas) and “Felice Natale” (Happy Christmas).

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What letter in the Italian alphabet is never pronounced?

The Italian alphabet is identical to the English one but the sound of certain letters is different.

Italian Alphabet and Sounds.

Letter Pronunciation Name in italian
h never pronounced, but if between c (or g) and e/i, it changes their sound (see c,g) Acca

Who delivers gifts on Christmas Eve in Italy?

And the legend continues that every Epiphany Eve, the old, tattered and soot-covered Befana flies around the world on a broomstick and comes down chimneys to deliver candy and presents to children who have been good during the year.

Which country has a Christmas witch?

Only in Italy do the witches bring gifts to children. That’s La Befana, a broom-flying, kindly witch who effectively takes over from Santa–in Italy, “Babbo Natale”—about two weeks after Christmas on Epiphany to deliver gifts to the good, and ash to the bad.

What is a ceppo?

Ceppo: In Italian, a ceppo is a tree stump or a log, but in Florence it was once something much more meaningful. Of ancient origin, the tradition was to take a thick trunk of wood that had been cut down shortly before the holiday and burn it in the fireplace on Christmas night.

What is Easter called in Italy?

Called Pasqua, Easter in Italy is a celebration second only to Natale.

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