What documents do I need for Italian passport?

How can I get Italian passport?

Foreigners can acquire Italian citizenship through:

  1. by marriage/civil partnership;
  2. by residence in Italy;
  3. by law under some circumstances;
  4. recognition of Italian citizenship by descent;
  5. maternal or paternal recognition.

Do you need to be an Italian citizen to get a passport?

It is important to remember that Italian citizenship is a requirement for obtaining an Italian passport and must be obtained before you can even apply for the passport.

How long does it take to get an Italian passport?

Once your application is accepted at the Italian Consulate, it takes an average of six months to a year before your vital information is recorded in Italy; once that takes place, you are eligible to apply for an Italian passport.

Who is eligible for an Italian passport?

This person is of Italian descent (or was adopted by a person of Italian descent as a minor (before the age of 21 if before 1975 – or – before the age of 18 if after 1975). This person’s Italian born ancestor was alive and a citizen of Italy after the formation and unification of Italy in 1861.

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How much does it cost to get an Italian passport?

The fee is subject to change depending on the exchange rate. The application fee is NON REFUNDABLE, regardless of the outcome of the petition. 7. Eventually, when you receive your citizenship, you will incur fees to order your Italian Passport, which is approximately $145.

Can I apply for an Italian passport online?

Electronic passports now require fingerprinting which means that the entire process cannot be completed online and you will need to visit the consulate at some point. … However, keep in mind that those who need to renew Italian passport or apply for a new one must contact the same consulate.

Can you buy Italian citizenship?

A non-EU citizen who has legally resided in Italy for ten years or more may apply to be a naturalised Italian citizen and EU citizen after four years. … an easier path to buying property in Italy; the ability to automatically transfer the citizenship (Italian and EU) to all children under 18 years old.

Who is eligible for dual Italian citizenship?

What qualifies you for dual citizenship? If you have an Italian parent, grandparent, or great grandparent, you might qualify for dual citizenship. However, your Italian ancestor must not have renounced their right to Italian citizenship and certain restrictions apply to female ancestors in particular.

Can I become an Italian citizen through my grandfather?

If your grandfather was born in Italy and was an Italian citizen when your parent was born, it’s possible to apply for Italian citizenship through grandparents. However, you can only qualify in this way if your parent has not since renounced their right to Italian citizenship.

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Which country gives free citizenship?

Ecuador joins countries where Indians easily get citizenship due to their citizenship by investment programme. It’s a small but developing country in the top west coast of South America having immense tourism and economic potential.

How long does it take to get an Italian passport through marriage?

113 – the processing time for applications for Italian citizenship by marriage is 48 (forty eight) months from the day that the application is accepted. This processing time also applies to any applications in progress that were accepted prior to that date. NEW LANGUAGE REQUIREMENTS FOR CITIZENSHIP BY MARRIAGE.

Does Italy allow dual citizenship?

Dual nationality is allowed in Italy and you do not need to renounce any other citizenship during this process. If you can prove your Italian ancestry and blood ties to the country, you can apply to become an Italian citizen.

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How do I apply for dual citizenship in Italy?

What Documents Do I Need to Get Dual Citizenship in Italy? You will need your parents’ birth certificates as well as a permanent resident card and Italian passport or a certificate of naturalization for your grandparent. You may also need death certificates or marriage certificates for members of your family.

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