What does Florence talk about in seedfolks?

The final narrator of Seedfolks, Florence is an older Black woman and a “watcher”. … “Seedfolks,” she explains, are the first members of a family or a community to settle somewhere. She explains how her own “seedfolks,” her great-grandparents, were freed slaves who walked all the way from Louisiana to Colorado.

What is Florence personality in seedfolks?

Our gal Florence may call herself “just a watcher,” but we find out that she’s actually a super attentive observer. In fact, she reminds us of another onlooker: Ana, from Chapter 2—just a little less creepy. … In fact, Florence tells us she feels “proud and protective” of the community garden (13.4).

What is the theme of Florence in seedfolks?

Florence tells the story of how her great-grandparents walked all the way from Louisana to Colorado in 1859. They were both freed slaves who settled alongside the Gunnison River. She comments that her ancestors became the first black family in the entire county.

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How did the garden grow happiness for Florence and the man in the rocker?

It’s an Asian girl planting lima beans. Florence doesn’t recognize her, but this doesn’t matter—seeing the girl digging makes Florence feel happy. … Seeing the beans being planted after a long, cold winter shows Florence and the man in the rocker that the garden will continue, and the community will thrive again.

Who started the garden in seedfolks?

As a last question, ask the students who started the garden? The answer is the character Kim, a nine-year-old child.

Is Florence a boy or girl in seedfolks?

The final narrator of Seedfolks, Florence is an older Black woman and a “watcher”. Her arthritis makes it too painful for her to bend down and grow vegetables herself, but she nevertheless enjoys watching the garden grow and supporting its efforts.

Is Virgil from seedfolks a boy or a girl?

Virgil is a boy–though in my stage version he got changed into a girl to help balance the genders in the cast.

What are the most important themes in seedfolks?

The overriding theme of “Seedfolks” is the power of the individual to effect good in a society. Related themes include the challenge of community and the healing aspect of working with the land.

Who is Ana in seedfolks?

Ana is an elderly woman who watches the changing neighborhood through her apartment window. She moved to Gibb Street in 1919, when she was four, and has seen the cultural make-up of the neighborhood change throughout the years. She notices Kim outside in the vacant lot and assumes she’s up to no good.

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Who is Maricela in seedfolks?

Maricela is a 16-year-old Mexican girl and one of the novel’s narrators. She’s pregnant and doesn’t want to be, but this is only one of the reasons Maricela feels alone, trapped, and hated.

What ethnicity is Florence from seedfolks?

Florence – African American woman, talks about her great-grandparents who were slaves in the South and then settled in Colorado, her father calls them “Seedfolks” because they lay the seeds for the family to grow.

How does the garden change in winter in seedfolks?

By Paul Fleischman

Plants are blooming and eventually all the neighbors finally start to get along. Basically, they’re living the community garden dream: fresh fruits, sharing their veggies, partying it up together. … Plus, winters in Cleveland are extra long, so this means no more plants—and no more gardeners either.

How does Virgil feel about his father talking to Missfleck?

While Virgil’s dad is super happy with his business plans, Virgil is kind of embarrassed. Their garden is huge compared to everyone else’s. And he only gets more embarrassed when his old third grade teacher, Miss Fleck, points this out.

What is the garden called in seedfolks?

And Tío Juan is a seriously cheerful guy when he’s getting ready to plant his seeds. And Sam thinks the garden is such an enjoyable place that he compares the community garden on Gibb Street to the biblical Garden of Eden.

What does the garden symbolize in seedfolks?

The garden symbolizes how all seed folks are together.

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How does Wendell help the garden in seedfolks?

Wendell is an old white man who originally hails from Kentucky. Before he moved to Cleveland, he lived on a farm, but now he works as a janitor. It’s Wendell’s vast experience of agriculture that makes him such a knowledgable gardener.

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