What is an Italian cherry?

Origin. Bologna, Italy. The Amarena cherry (Italian: amarena) is a small sour dark colored Italian cherry grown in Bologna and Modena, two cities of Italy. It is usually bottled in syrup and used as a decoration on rich chocolate desserts.

Are there cherries in Italy?

Valpolicella, Veneto

Cherry trees have been grown in this part of Italy for many years both for their delicious cherries, still nowadays produces, and for their woods, perfect for wine barrels.

Are Amarena cherries sour?

Not to be confused with your typical cherry or the popular maraschino cherry, the amarena cherry is molecular gastronomy at its finest, resulting in the transformation of the cherry into a sweet and slightly sour delicacy.

What are Amarena cherries used for?

Professionals use Amarena cherries in all sorts of desserts, especially Amarena cherry cake, amongst others, such as more traditional cakes like black forest gateaux or cheese cake. They can also be added to sponge cakes, brownies, mousse, clafouti, crumbles, chocolate cake or blended with cream.

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What can I use instead of Amarena cherries?

Substitute for Amarena cherries

For cocktails substitute Maraschino cherries. For a topping for cakes, tarts or ice cream substitute preserved sour cherries OR cherry pie filling.

Why are luxardo cherries so good?

According to Luxardo, “their unique taste comes from the marasca cherry syrup which is made starting from the same juice used to prepare the infusion for the Cherry Liqueur ‘Sangue Morlacco’.” Because of this process, Luxardo cherries are gluten free, GMO free, Kosher certified, and vegan friendly.

Where are cherries grown in Italy?

The delicious Vignola cherries are traditionally grown in the provinces of Modena and Bologna, at an altitude ranging from 30 to 1000 meters, where they thrive in the favorable pedoclimatic conditions of the area.

What is the difference between Amarena cherries and Luxardo cherries?

Fabbri Amarena Cherries tend to be a bit smaller and fruitier than the Luxardos, but;like the Luxardo cherries, Fabbri also stakes a claim dating their production back to 1905. The company makes a wide range of products for use in professional and home settings.

What is the difference between Amarena cherries and maraschino cherries?

True maraschino cherries are processed in Italy with sour cherries and a maraschino liqueur and preserved in this alcohol base. … Amarena cherries make the flavour of a dish more authentic, just the way it is supposed to be.

Where are Amarena cherries made?

The Amarena cherry (Italian: amarena) is a small sour dark colored Italian cherry grown in Bologna and Modena, two cities of Italy.

Do you refrigerate Amarena cherries?

BEST ANSWER: It is hermetically sealed like any other product and the shelf life would be years. Once opened, keep refrigerated. This is a syrup type mixture, so it will keep for many months.

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How long do luxardo cherries last once opened?

The original Luxardo cherry recipe was first produced in their plant in Zara in 1905, and is still in use today. Made with no thickening agents or preservatives, a jar still has a shelf life of 3 years.

What are the best cherries for old fashioned?

The Five Best Cocktail Cherries for Your Manhattans and Old Fashioneds, Ranked

  1. Luxardo The Original Maraschino Cherries.
  2. Traverse City Whiskey Co. …
  3. Distilleries Peureux Griottines Cherries. …
  4. Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. …
  5. Trader Joe’s Pitted Amarena Cherries. …


What can I substitute for cherries in a recipe?

Substitute for Cherries

  • You can substitute equal amounts of frozen or canned cherries for fresh in most recipes.
  • OR – Use fresh plums.
  • OR – Fresh apricots.
  • OR – Fresh nectarines.
  • All the above three fruit are stone fruits and work well in cobblers and pies as well as other desserts.

What is similar to cherry?

Ellis Walentine: Maple and birch are the most common substitutes. Their grain patterns aren’t quite the same, but with a dye stain, they can look a lot like cherry, at least at first glance. Cherry’s color, of course, goes all the way through the wood, so you won’t expose white wood if you chip an edge accidentally.

What are the dark cherries in drinks called?

Out of the jar or tin, Luxardo cherries are nothing like the candy-apple red lumps bartenders plunk into kiddie cocktails. They are a touch of class, the dark, perfect capper to a stiff drink.

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