What is an Italian spa company?

Società per azioni (S.p.A. or spa) is a form of corporation in Italy, meaning “company with shares” (although often translated as “joint-stock company”, which may or may not be a limited liability entity).

What does SpA mean in a company name?

Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA)

What are Italian companies called?

The three major Italian corporation titles are “Società a responsabilità limitata”, or Limited Liability Company, known better as SrL, “Società per Azioni”, an Experts Joint Stock Company or SpA and a Branch or registered office.

What is an SrL company in Italy?

Società a responsabilità limitata (S.r.l. or srl) is a kind of legal corporate entity in Italy, which literally means (but is not entirely equal to) limited liability company.

What does SpA mean in Chile?

A Sociedad por Acciones (SpA) is a relatively new type of entity to Chile, which is similar to an SA but can be established with just one shareholder, including a trustee company and/or its unit holders (in their own right).

What does SPA stand for?


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Acronym Definition
SPA Software Publishers Association (now SIIA)
SPA Single Point of Access (AT&T)
SPA School of Public Affairs (American University, Washington, DC)
SPA Special Protocol Assessment

What is the biggest company in Italy?

2019 Fortune list

Rank Fortune 500 rank Name
1 83 Eni
2 89 Enel
3 92 Assicurazioni Generali
4 315 Intesa Sanpaolo

What American companies are in Italy?

  • Shanghai Gaorong Food Co.,ltd. Info Phone Roma Rm 1802 18/f. …
  • Care Trade Srl.
  • American Appraisal Holding s.p.A.
  • Italo American Ortopedic.
  • Italian American Mushrooms (s.r.l.)
  • American Standard Industriale Srl.
  • The Original American Bakery Srl. …
  • American Graniti (s.r.l.)

What are the main industries in Italy?

Economy of Italy

Main industries tourism machinery robots aircraft electronics defense systems iron and steel chemicals food processing scientific instrumentation pharmaceutical textiles motor vehicles clothing footwear ceramics cruise ship electric power
Ease-of-doing-business rank 58th (easy, 2020)

What does SAS stand for in Italy?

SAS stands for Società Accomandita Semplice (Italy)

How much does it cost to start a business in Italy?

When opening a joint-stock company (societa per azioni), a minimum of 50,000 euros is needed and the value is to be stated in the Articles of Association. The number of shares a held by a shareholder does not have to be identical to his overall investment in the company.

What does SRL mean in French?

Società a responsabilità limitata (Italian) Sociedad de responsabilidad limitada (Spanish) Societate cu răspundere limitată (Romanian) Société à Responsabilité Limitée (French)

What is a rea number in Italy?

Italian term or phrase: REA n. A number given among a bank’s business details, along with tax number and VAT ID number.

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How do I incorporate my business in Chile?

Essential Guide: Company Incorporation Process in Chile

  1. Obtain local tax IDs for the company shareholder.
  2. Create and sign the company bylaws. …
  3. Register the company.
  4. Obtain the company ID number (RUT)
  5. Open a corporate bank account.
  6. Deposit the minimum capital to active the bank account.


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