What is the average work day in Italy?

According to Statista, Italians work just under 36 hours per week on average, with the maximum legal working week set at 40 hours, plus eight hours of overtime. As work tends to be highly structured, you’ll typically work Monday to Friday 8/9am to 1pm, take a two-hour lunch break and then work from 3pm to 6/7pm.

How long is the average Italian work day?

Most Italians work long hours. In the average business, their weekday hours are 9.00 am (9:00) to 1.00 pm (13:00) and from 2.30 pm (14:30) to 6.00 pm (18:00), from Monday to Friday. They use the 24 hour military clock. Many people will work well after 6.00 pm, especially true for managers and entrepreneurs.

How many hours is the work week in Italy?

The average working week in Italy amounts to around 36 hours a week, with 4 weeks of paid holiday, in addition to 12 public holidays. Labour contracts and collective bargaining agreements have succeeded in improving these conditions too.

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How many working days are there in Italy?

In Italy, there are 104 weekends, 12 public holidays and 250 working days. Five public holidays fall on weekends, please check holidays here. There are 250 working days when people take the replacement holidays for those falling on weekends, or there are 255 working days if people do not take the replacement holidays.

How many days off do Italians get?

Obviously as an employee in Italy you’re entitled to paid holiday time, and the very minimum allowance is four weeks – 20 days – a year. This is around the average among other European countries. Many contracts, particularly for state employees, allow for 28 days, or five weeks, of paid leave per year.

Is Italy richer than USA?

United States has a GDP per capita of $59,800 as of 2017, while in Italy, the GDP per capita is $38,200 as of 2017.

What country has the shortest work day?

The Netherlands Has The World’s Shortest Working Week.

What jobs are in demand in Italy?

According to data released by Skills Panorama on the shortage occupations in Italy, the following occupations are likely to face a skills shortage till 2030.

  • Health-related occupations.
  • ICT professionals.
  • Marketing, creative and design professionals.
  • STEM occupations.
  • Teaching professionals.


Is there minimum wage in Italy?

Under Italian law there is not a statutory minimum wage. Yet most workers are actually covered by a minimum wage agreement, established through collective bargaining (see no. 13).

How long is lunch break in Italy?

Italy: 90 minutes

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Unless your boss is fairly relaxed (or you are the boss), an hour-and-a-half lunch is unheard of in the United States. In Italy, it’s standard, according to a recent survey by Quickbooks.

What time is dinner in Italy?

Italian dinners usually start between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m., and they typically begin with an antipasti course of snack-sized bites paired with aperitivo cocktails before proceeding to primi (pasta), secondi (meat or fish), and dolci (dessert).

What is the average salary in Italy?

Average income in Italy on a national level

At the same time, it’s still hot from the oven: according to Salary Explorer, the average gross salary for Italy is around €43.800 a year or €3650 a month.

How do Italians spend their time?

In its sector dedicated to how people spend their free time, the study found that watching TV was the most popular activity for Italians and all Europeans. Watching TV was the first choice of 39.8% of those interviewed, while 23.4% indicated socialising and 12.6% replied sports or outdoor activities.

What are the 11 paid holidays?

Federal Paid Holiday Schedule in the U.S.

  • New Year’s Day,
  • Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.,
  • Washington’s Birthday,
  • Memorial Day,
  • Independence Day (July 4),
  • Labor Day,
  • “Columbus Day” (also observed as Indigenous Peoples Day),
  • Veterans Day,

How many vacation days is normal?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, on average American workers receive 10 days of paid time off per year, after they’ve completed one year of service. That time doesn’t include sick days and holidays. While the number goes up or down a bit, depending on industry and region, 10 is the national average.

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How long is Christmas break in Italy?

School holidays in Italy consist of term dates and summer, Easter, and winter breaks, along with other public holidays in Italy.

When are school holidays in Italy?

Dates School Holiday
Dec 24 – Jan 6, 2021 Christmas holiday
Apr 2 – 10 Easter Holiday
Jun 7 – Aug 31 Summer Holiday
Dec 19 – Jan 3, 2022 Christmas Holiday
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