What is the best way to see Sicily?

Unless you’ve decided to stay in one place and make daytrips, the best — if not the sanest — way to see most of the island is to fly into either Palermo or Trapani, located in western Sicily, and travel eastward, winding up your trip in Catania and flying out from there.

What is the most beautiful part of Sicily?

The 10 most beautiful places in Sicily: simply unmissable sights

  • Taormina. Also called “the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea”. …
  • Etna. The highest active volcano in Europe. …
  • Ortigia. It is located on a small island connected to the mainland by three bridges. …
  • Ragusa Ibla. …
  • Valle dei Templi. …
  • Favignana. …
  • Erice. …
  • Segesta.

How many days do you need to see Sicily?

Sicily can be experienced in as little as 3 to 5 days if you are short on time and interested in a quick coastal retreat. However, it’s much better to spend at least a week discovering this Mediterranean paradise. If you have 7 days you can explore a meaningful section of the island.

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How easy is it to get around Sicily?

Away from the main coastal train routes, buses are generally the best way of getting around Sicily. Buses offer faster, more direct service on certain intercity routes, such as Catania to Agrigento, Syracuse to Palermo or Palermo to Trapani, and they are the only form of public transport serving many interior towns.

Can you visit Sicily without a car?

You could take the train to Palermo, and excursions even to the Aeolians. A base in the Tuscan countryside would require a car. Stay in Florence without a car where there’s public transport and excursions. Enjoy a wine tour, and Siena is impressive.

What is the best month to visit Sicily?

The best time to visit Sicily is from May to June or September to October. These late spring and early fall months offer hospitable temperatures in the 70s and low 80s, which are ideal for temple gazing, beach lazing or hiking.

What is the best location to stay in Sicily?

Where To Stay – which town/area?

  • Palermo, Sicily’s capital, is an unforgettable spot. …
  • The ancient port city of Catania is of a similar ilk (though on the other side of the island). …
  • Syracuse is the ideal spot for history-lovers: visit the Greek theatre, Ear of Dionysus cave or the Museo Archeologico Regionale Paolo Orsi.

Which is better Catania or Palermo?

Catania’s cuisine easily competes with Palermo’s, and there are many excellent restaurants and trattorie in Catania as well. Palermo “may” have the edge on markets, but overall, Catania is better for shopping – You would find boutique shopping on via Etnea, as well as hypermarkets all around Catania.

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Should I stay Taormina or Catania?

Yes, you would get the true Sicilian experience in Trapani – Taormina is to Catania as Erice is to Trapani. Old-town Trapani is far more charming than modern Trapani and should be your choice – If you’d like a self-catering flat, consider staying at Il Pesco.

Is Catania worth visiting?

Catania is surely worth the visit. Italian cities can be similiar, but never the same, each town has his own character and personality. Catania isn’t Palermo but has its share of things to see and do, baroque old center, greek theatre and roman ruins, good food and a lively nightlife…

Do I need a car in Sicily?

Welcome to Sicily GeorgiaMoore! Public transport is good, especially by bus, so it’s not necessary to hire a car unless you’d want to hire a car, but it would also depend on your destinations. There are excellent beaches throughout Sicily – San Vito Lo Capo, Marina di Ragusa, Vendicari, Cefalù…

Is Sicily a safe place to visit?

In general, Sicily is viewed as a “low-risk” destination, although problems, of course, can and do occur anywhere. You don’t need to get vaccines; foodstuffs are safe; and tap water in all cities and towns is potable.

Are taxis expensive in Sicily?

Taxis are expensive, so get the price from the driver, based on your itinerary, before entering. There’s no reason for a taxi ride from the city to the airport to cost more than seventy euros, and there are buses and trains that will take you there for just six or seven euros.

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How do you get around Sicily without a car?

Yes, it is possible with public transportation, and I will tell you how in this blog post. Spending seven days in Sicily without a car is perfectly doable if you can manage the train, buses, and local Taxis on Sicily Island. Also, by using local public transportation, you will see a different side of Sicily.

Can you drink the water in Sicily?

The water in Sicily is safe for drinking. Even at a spring in the countryside, you might see a sign stating “acqua potabile”, the water is drinkable. If you see a sign indicating “acqua non potabile”, then the water is not drinkable.

Where can I go in Sicily without a car?

Sicily without a car

  • None. West Timor.
  • Palermo. Palermo Region.
  • Catania. Ionian Coast.
  • Agrigento. Mediterranean Coast.
  • Trapani. Western Sicily.
  • Cefalù Tyrrhenian Coast.
  • Erice. Western Sicily.
  • Syracuse. Southeastern Sicily.


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