What is the theme of Florence in seedfolks?

Florence tells the story of how her great-grandparents walked all the way from Louisana to Colorado in 1859. They were both freed slaves who settled alongside the Gunnison River. She comments that her ancestors became the first black family in the entire county.

What is Florence personality in seedfolks?

Our gal Florence may call herself “just a watcher,” but we find out that she’s actually a super attentive observer. In fact, she reminds us of another onlooker: Ana, from Chapter 2—just a little less creepy. … In fact, Florence tells us she feels “proud and protective” of the community garden (13.4).

What did Florence do in seedfolks?

She explains how her own “seedfolks,” her great-grandparents, were freed slaves who walked all the way from Louisiana to Colorado. She sees all the people who start plots in the community garden as “seedfolks,” planting their hopes and dreams for the future and developing the community in the process.

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How did Florence change seedfolks?

Because of Florence, we learn that eventually, sometime in the future, the garden gets a makeover, with a tool shed and new spigots. Florence doesn’t actually plant anything in the garden because she has arthritis. Back in the day, she was a librarian and always keeping busy.

What is the theme in seedfolks?

The overriding theme of “Seedfolks” is the power of the individual to effect good in a society. Related themes include the challenge of community and the healing aspect of working with the land.

Is Virgil from seedfolks a boy or a girl?

Virgil is a boy–though in my stage version he got changed into a girl to help balance the genders in the cast.

Why does Florence visit the lot in seedfolks?

Her father called them “seedfolks” because they were the first black family to settle in that location. Florence then calls the community gardeners on Gibb Street “seedfolks” because they were the first to plant their seeds in the run-down lot.

Who is Ana in seedfolks?

Ana is an elderly woman who watches the changing neighborhood through her apartment window. She moved to Gibb Street in 1919, when she was four, and has seen the cultural make-up of the neighborhood change throughout the years. She notices Kim outside in the vacant lot and assumes she’s up to no good.

Why did Florence think spring was a special season?

Why did Florence think that spring was a special season? Florence thought Spring was special because of the plants. She liked watching everyone come together for the garden. This makes winter the worst season pulling the community away and making them not as connected.

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How does the garden change in winter in seedfolks?

By Paul Fleischman

Plants are blooming and eventually all the neighbors finally start to get along. Basically, they’re living the community garden dream: fresh fruits, sharing their veggies, partying it up together. … Plus, winters in Cleveland are extra long, so this means no more plants—and no more gardeners either.

Why did Curtis plant tomatoes in seedfolks?

Expert Answers

Curtis plants tomatoes in the lot in order to impress Lateesha, the girl he wants to marry. Accordingly, Lateesha had stopped seeing Curtis five years ago when she discovered other girls in his life.

How old is Maricela from seedfolks?

Maricela is a 16-year-old Mexican girl and one of the novel’s narrators.

What problem does Sam notice in seedfolks?

Expert Answers

Sam notices that the community garden is segregated in the same manner that Cleveland is segregated among race and ethnic lines. Sam realizes that the segregation in the community garden is a microcosm of the larger segregation that exists throughout the city.

Is seedfolks a true story?

The entire sixth grade of Hardy Middle School — located here in Washington, D.C. — read the book, and the students had several questions for Fleischman. Backseat Book Clubber Kyra Bendal, 11, wanted to know whether any of the characters in Seedfolks were based on real-life people. “They are,” says Fleischman.

What is the plot of seedfolks?

Seedfolks is a children’s novel by Paul Fleischman. It was published in 1997. The book describes the creation of a community garden on Gibb Street in Cleveland, Ohio, from the point of view of thirteen separate narrators each from a different ethnic group.

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What is the conflict of seedfolks?

The major conflict of the novel occurs when 6 lima beans are planted in a gardening plot in Cleveland by a Vietnamese girl.

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