What is the word for computer in Italian?

Is computer in Italian feminine?

Yes, i computer :)

All foreign words that are adopted in Italian stay the same in the singular and plural form (although when speaking not everyone follows this rule, especially for most recent words) As for the gender, most words that come from English are masculine, but there are exceptions.

What does Cuesta mean in Italian?

: a hill or ridge with a steep face on one side and a gentle slope on the other.

What does Sega mean in Italian?

/ghe [ˈseɡa ] feminine noun. 1. ( Technical) saw.

What is Abbondanza mean?

Abbondanza is a word in the Italian language that means ‘abundance’, but it is much more than just a word, it is a celebration or salutation or at times even used to wish someone good luck as if to say “may your journey/venture/studies be bountiful.” In Abruzzo if your plate is empty but there is still more food- “ …

How many genders are there in Italian?

In Italian, there are two gender categories: Femminile (“Feminine” ) and Maschile (“Masculine” ). This means that there is no neutral gender.

Is Italian feminine or masculine?

All Italian nouns have a gender. Most Italian nouns ending in -o are masculine (e.g. ragazzo, albergo, vino). Most Italian nouns ending in -a are feminine (e.g. penna, signora, scuola).

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How do you say a film in Italian?

Italian translation of ‘film’

  1. (at cinema) film m inv.
  2. (photography) pellicola.
  3. a 36 exposure film (old-fashioned) un rullino da 36 pose or foto.

What is Cuesta geography?

Cuesta, (Spanish: “slope”, ) also called Homoclinal Ridge, physical feature that has a steep cliff or escarpment on one side and a gentle dip or back slope on the other.

What Mesa means?

A mesa is a flat-topped hill most commonly found in the Southwest part of the U.S.. Its sides are steep all around so that it looks like a massive table. Mesa comes from the Latin mensa meaning “table,” which is very much what a mesa looks like.

What’s the meaning of Saga?

English Language Learners Definition of saga

: a long and complicated story with many details. : a long and complicated series of events. : a long story about past heroes from Norway and Iceland.

What does Sega mean in Japanese?

Etymology. From Japanese セガ (Sega), an abbreviation of English service games, because the company’s earliest products were aimed at American servicemen on military bases.

Is Sega a swear word?

Now you know more profanities in another language!

A Comprehensive list of Italian Swear Words, Slang and Expletives!

Italian Swear Word Rough English Translation
Mangia merde e morte Eat s#$t and die
Mannaggia tua Damn, Hell
Merda! S#$t
Mezza sega Literally means half a saw but actually means lightweight or pipsqueak

Does alabanza mean?

alabanza → praise, worship. alabanza → praise, acclaim.

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