What is there to do in Florence Oregon this weekend?

What is in Florence Oregon?

  • Historic Old Town Florence.
  • Oregon Coast Sand Dunes.
  • Dune Buggy Tours.
  • Beaches & Dunes.
  • Sandboarding.
  • Sea Lion Caves.
  • Whale Watching.
  • Horseback Riding.

Is Florence Oregon worth visiting?

While there are numerous beautiful beach towns that line Oregon’s coast, Florence is one of my absolute favorites. Situated between miles of sand dune and the Siuslaw River, Florence may not be the most popular or touristy costal town, but it holds a special place in my heart.

What is Florence Oregon known for?

Florence is Oregon’s Coastal Playground with its rolling sand dunes, miles of beaches, charming boutiques and antique shops, and delicious seafood. Just an hour west of Eugene – Springfield, this is the go-to getaway destination for locals seeking rest, relaxation and recreation.

What is there to do in Heceta Beach?

  • Heceta Head Lighthouse.
  • Hobbit Trail.
  • Sea Lion Caves.
  • Darlingtonia State Natural Site.
  • Heceta Beach.
  • Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park.
  • Siuslaw River Bridge.
  • South Jetty County Park.
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Is Florence Oregon Safe?

The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Florence is 1 in 37. Based on FBI crime data, Florence is not one of the safest communities in America. Relative to Oregon, Florence has a crime rate that is higher than 76% of the state’s cities and towns of all sizes.

What is close to Florence Oregon?

Cities near Florence, Oregon:

  • North Bend, OR.
  • Coos Bay, OR.
  • Newport, OR.
  • Eugene, OR.
  • Springfield, OR.
  • Corvallis, OR.
  • Roseburg, OR.
  • Albany, OR.

Are there beaches in Florence Oregon?

Florence offers several miles of sandy beaches, as well as beach-like jetties made of sand and rock along the Siuslaw River, which runs parallel to Oregon’s Pacific coast.

Is Florence Oregon nice?

Florence is a great place to live and do businesses.

In 2015, Florence was recognized as Oregon’s Most Livable Coastal Town. Our rich cultural scene and dramatic landscape keep you and your employees happy, and happy employees build top-notch businesses!

What stage is Florence Oregon in?

Beginning Friday, June 5, Lane County will move into Phase 2 of the reopening process, following updated health and safety guidance. The requirements for Phase Two approval can be viewed HERE. Lane County’s letter submitted for approval for phase two can be viewed HERE.

What is the prettiest city in Oregon?

The Most Beautiful Towns in Oregon, USA

  • Ashland. Historical Landmark. …
  • Astoria. Architectural Landmark. …
  • Baker City. Architectural Landmark. …
  • Brownsville. Historical Landmark. …
  • Cottage Grove. Architectural Landmark. …
  • Florence. Historical Landmark. …
  • Hood River. Natural Feature. …
  • Jacksonville. Historical Landmark.
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What is the best month to visit the Oregon coast?

The best month for the coast is usually September, with good weather often holding on into October. In the Cascades and eastern Oregon’s Blue, Elkhorn, and Wallowa mountains, snowfall is heavy in the winter and skiing is a popular sport.

Can you sleep on the beach in Oregon?

The idea sounds romantic enough, but in reality beach camping in Oregon is typically unpleasant, dangerous and effectively illegal in most places. … Overnight beach camping is not allowed within or adjacent to any Oregon state park, nor on beaches within most major city limits.

What restaurants are in Florence Oregon?

Our Favorite Florence, Oregon Restaurants

  • Bridgewater Ocean Fresh Fish House & Zebra Bar. Tucked in Old Town’s historic Kyle building, Bridgewater Fish House serves the freshest fish and shellfish, beef and chicken, salads, pizzas, pastas & vegetarian dishes. …
  • The Hukilau. …
  • Mari’s Kitchen.

How far is Florence Oregon to Eugene Oregon?

There are 50.56 miles from Eugene to Florence in west direction and 61 miles (98.17 kilometers) by car, following the OR 126 route. Eugene and Florence are 1 hour 24 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop .

How far is Florence from Newport?

It is about 49 miles from Newport to Florence. The amount of time it takes to drive from Newport to Florence depends on how many stops you make, the amount of traffic, and so on. However, if you can maintain an average speed of 50 miles per hour, it will take you about 58 minutes to drive from Newport to Florence.

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