What is zebra in Italian?

More Italian words for zebra. la zebra noun.

How do you spell zebra in Italian?

How to say Zebra in Italian?

  1. La zebra (f) Zebra.
  2. Lui ha paura di dare da mangiare alla zebra. He is scared to give food to the zebra.
  3. Le zebre sembrano cavalli. Zebras look like horses.
  4. Le zebre producono un suono strano. Zebras make a weird sound.
  5. La zebra sta scappando dal leone. The zebra is running from the lion.

What does Cuesta mean in Italian?

: a hill or ridge with a steep face on one side and a gentle slope on the other.

What does Ragazza in Italian mean?

[raˈɡattsa ] feminine noun. (gen) girl. (giovane donna) young woman.

What does Tata mean in Italian?

[ˈtata ] (linguaggio infantile) nanny.

What is zebra in Portuguese?

American English: zebra /ˈzibrə/ Arabic: حِمارٌ وَحْشِيٌّ مُخَطَّط Brazilian Portuguese: zebra.

How do you say a film in Italian?

Italian translation of ‘film’

  1. (at cinema) film m inv.
  2. (photography) pellicola.
  3. a 36 exposure film (old-fashioned) un rullino da 36 pose or foto.

What does Questa mean in English?

[ syll. ques-ta, qu-e-sta ] The baby girl name Questa has its origins in the French language. The name means ‘one who searches’. Variation transcriptions of Questa include Quest, Questah, and Queste.

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Is Ciao flirting Bella?

Where does ciao bella come from? Ciao bella is a friendly, sometimes flirtatious way to address a singular woman or a friendly way to greet a close female friend. … Bella is the feminine singular for “beautiful” in Italian.

What does Mia Ragazza mean in English?

“La mia ragazza”=”my girlfriend” in 99.99% of all everyday life situations.

What is Ragazzi?

They mean, roughly, ‘guys’, ‘folks’, ‘lads’, ‘ladies’, ‘you lot’ – anything you’d use to address a group of people at once.

Is Tata an English word?

From Italian tata, from Latin tata (“dad, daddy”), of onomatopoeic origin.

What does Tata mean in Russian?

tata {interjection}

volume_up. до свидания {interj.} tata (also: goodbye)

How do you say ta ta in Italian?

(British) (informal) (goodbye) ciao!

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