What should you not miss in Venice?

What are the top 10 things to do in Venice Italy?

17 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Venice

  • St. Mark’s Basilica. …
  • Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s Square) …
  • Palazzo Ducale (Doge’s Palace) and Bridge of Sighs. …
  • Canale Grande (Grand Canal) …
  • Ponte di Rialto (Rialto Bridge) and San Polo. …
  • Scuola Grande di San Rocco. …
  • Ca’ d’Oro. …
  • Murano and Burano.


What should I see in Venice?

15 Best Things to Do in Venice (Italy)

  • Source: wikipedia St. Mark’s Basilica.
  • Source: flickr St. Mark’s Square.
  • Source: flickr Canale Grande.
  • Source: flickr Ponte di Rialto.
  • Source: Baloncici / shutterstock Gallerie Dell’Accademia.
  • Source: flickr Venice Lido.
  • Source: flickr Doges Palace.
  • Source: flickr Bridge of Sighs.

When should you avoid Venice?

The best time to visit Venice is during April, May, September, and October when the city is warm and dry but not too hot. Avoid visiting in August when the weather is hot and muggy and many Venetians leave for a month-long vacation.

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Is it safe to walk at night in Venice?

Venice gets packed during the day, but at night, especially if the fog rolls in off the Adriatic Sea, the city becomes private and magical all over again. … Venice is an exceptionally safe city, and this nighttime walk will stick to well-populated areas.

How many days in Venice is enough?

Spend 2-3 days in Venice, and you’ll be able to experience the city’s many highlights and visit a few of the surrounding islands, like Burano and Morano.

What food is Venice famous for?

10 Essential Food and Drinks to Try in Venice

  • Sarde in saor. This delectable agrodolce or sweet-sour dish is definitely our favorite. …
  • Baccala mantecato. Coming in at a close second is another sublime fish-based antipasto. …
  • Risotto al nero di seppia. …
  • Risi e bisi. …
  • Bigoli in salsa. …
  • Fegato alla veneziana. …
  • Mołéche. …
  • Baicoli.


Is Venice expensive?

Venice is more expensive than some places but that is to be expected as getting things in and around has extra logistical challenges. We’ve been going for over 20 years and only paid near those prices for special drinks in St Mark’s Square which we expected.

Does Venice smell?

Venice is well known for its smell. Its stinking canals in summer can be almost as overwhelming as its beauty – and both are man-made.

What is the best area to stay in Venice Italy?

  • #1 San Marco – Where to stay in Venice first time.
  • #2 Cannaregio – Where to stay in Venice on a budget.
  • #3 Dorsoduro – Best area to stay in Venice for nightlife.
  • #4 Castello – Coolest place to stay in Venice.
  • #5 San Polo – Best area to stay in Venice for families.
  • Final Thoughts on Where to Stay in Venice.
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What is the best month to go to Prague?

The best times to visit Prague are the spring and early fall when the weather is mild and there are fewer crowds. Because of the city’s generally chilly climate, the warmer summer months (average high temperatures hover in the low to mid-70s) see the largest influx of tourists – which means higher hotel rates.

What month does Venice flood?

October through January is the typical high water season, though flooding can occur at any time during the year.

What is the quietest time to visit Venice?

Only during winter, Venice can become cold and wet. If the possibility of bad weather doesn’t bother you, the end of autumn or winter is the quietest time. In November you will find relatively quiet streets, great hotel prices and little selfie taking fellow tourists to ruin your beautiful photo composition.

Is it OK to drink tap water in Venice?

Don’t waste money on bottled water in Venice: The public tap water is safe, cold, and great-tasting. It’s piped in from deep wells on the Italian mainland, and it’s so good that it has its own brand name: Acqua Veritas.

Is Venice Beach safe at night?

Venice Beach at night: Do’s and Don’ts for a visitor? Venice is not dangerous at all. There are people in the area that would be considered “undesirable” by the new faux-riche residents, but it’s perfectly safe to be at during the night.

What time does everything close in Venice?

Most stores in Venice are open from Monday to Saturday from 8:30 am until 12:30 pm and from 3:30 pm until 7:30 pm. Many shops are closed on Monday mornings.

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